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2019 kia soul in orange driving along coast in tampa bay
  2019 Kia Soul Base Automatic Price

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Friendly Kia - #1 Dealer
$14,455 $14,855


Wesley Chapel $19,255 (Not Offered) 51 No
Clearwater $15,281 $15,681 21 No
St. Petersburg $14,475 $14,876 24 No
Brandon $14,723 $15,123 34 No
Tampa $16,781 $17,181 26 No

*Ratings and inventory figures current as of 12/3/2018.*

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  Lowest Prices - Tampa? Lifetime Car Washes? Reviews (Google / Facebook / Yelp)* Inventory (New / Used)* 
Friendly Kia - #1 Dealer 4.4 / 4.5 / 4.0  401 / 219

Wesley Chapel

No No 3.9 / 3.6 / 1.5 343 / 60
Clearwater No No 4.0 / 3.8 / 2.0 223 / 130
St. Petersburg No No 4.8 / 4.4 / 4.0 157 / 347
Brandon No No 4.2 / 3.6 / 2.5 381 / 77
Tampa No No 4.1 / 4.3 / 4.0 289 / 64


*Ratings and inventory figures current as of 12/3/2018.*

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Friendly Kia's Trade-In Appraisal

Friendly Kia vs. Dealer Competition Tampa Clearwater St. Petersburg FL

When you're looking for a car, you want a vehicle that is affordably-priced, but that also comes with all the features that make the invention of cars so worthwhile, like nice thump under the hood, a sweet audio system, and colors that pop. Kia vehicles fill the bill, as they offer some of the most colorful, powerful and tech-savvy options on the market. And at Friendly Kia, you'll find the lowest prices in Florida, with no tricks or hidden incentives, as our VIP Price will save you a minimum of a couple thousand dollars off the MSRP, and upwards of $9,000.

We'll give you an example of the 2017 Kia Soul crossover to show you what it costs at Friendly Kia and five competing area Kia dealers when all the competition's "built-in" discounts that are difficult to attain fade away and what's left is what the car truly will cost you. We'll also give you a breakdown of how much love customers shower on each Tampa/Clearwater/St. Petersburg FL-area Kia dealership through Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews. Spoiler alert: Friendly Kia does very well. 

*Ratings and inventory figures current as of 12/3/2018.*

Additional Perks of Shopping at Friendly Kia in Tampa Clearwater St. Petersburg FL

When you see the prices and customer satisfaction we provide at Friendly Kia, why would you shop anywhere else? We've done the homework for you, and that means we will get you a Kia priced the lowest in the area for its class. Bottom line, there's just more advantages to shopping at Friendly Kia. For example, we have Mr. Friendly's Car Wash on-site, and not only is this a full-service car wash, but we will give you lifetime car washes for new vehicle purchases. That will keep your car looking spotless and save you a lot of money to go along with our VIP Price. In addition, our sales staff is well-informed, and we want to get you the best car for your money, at a price that works for you; your needs come first, not our commissions. As evidence, check out our Google, Facebook or Yelp reviews to see for yourself.

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There are many reasons why you would want to choose Friendly Kia over our competition, such as our lower prices, wide selection, and perks like great customer service and free lifetime car washes. We carry the full line of Kia vehicles at Friendly Kia, 5819 US Highway 19 in New Port Richey, FL. We also serve the Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg area, as well as Brooksville, Trinity, Tarpon Springs and Spring Hill. If you plan on purchasing a new or used car, please take advantage of our trade-in policy and our exclusive partnership with Kelley Blue Book's Trade-In Marketplace/Buying Center. Marketplace

2018 kia forte in white
2018 kia stinger in red
2018 kia niro in dark blue parked front three quarter passenger
2018 kia sportage in orange driving off-road