Kia Trim Level Comparisons: Optima, Soul, Niro, Sorento and More

Kia vehicles are fun, filled with features, and fuel-efficient. And we've got some more good news for you: We have a menu of links to trim level comparisons for many of the latest Kia models on the lot, including the Cadenza and Optima sedans, the Soul crossover, the Sportage and Sorento SUVs, and other models, so you can find the trim option that works for your needs in MPG, HP and technology.

Kia Cadenza

A premium sedan with a nice array of features, a re-tuned engine, improved fuel economy, sleek design, and the momentum of a new ad campaign with celebrity Christina Hendricks.

Compare the Cadenza's 3 Trims


Kia Forte/Rio

Kia's compact with a redesigned exterior, a new trim level with sporty features, surprising power and more make this a compact that goes large on fun and value for all drivers.

Compare the Rio's 3 Trims
Compare the Forte's 6 Trims

Kia Niro trim level comparisons: FE vs. LX vs. EX vs. Touring

Kia Niro

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint and save a ton of money in the process?  Then try the Niro, with 50 combined MPG in its base trim, solid power and the cargo room of an SUV in back.

Compare the Niro's 5 Trims


Kia Optima

The Kia Optima is a midsize sedan that serves as the official vehicle of the NBA, as well as a turbocharged ride with 31 combined MPG in its base trim, and up to 245 horsepower.

Compare the Optima's 4 Trims

Kia Sedona

The endlessly drivable, comfortable and lovable minivan is back with the same level of comfort, flexible seating options, cargo space and performance that has few peers in its class.

Compare the Sedona's 5 Trims


Kia Sorento/Telluride

A best-selling SUV and a stalwart of the Kia line, the Sorento can handle whatever you throw at it. Need a vehicle with 24 combined MPG? Check. Need a vehicle that can go off-road? Check again.

Compare the 2021 Telluride Trim Levels 
Compare the Telluride's 4 Trims

Compare the Sorento's 6 Trims


Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is an icon, and if you don't know the comforts and fun of this crossover with a plethora of color options and available mood lights, then know this: The Soul brings the party to the road.

Compare the Soul's 7 Trims


Kia Sportage

The Sportage is a small SUV with a revamped design that is turning heads, the handling of a sedan, and improved cargo space in back, so every trip to the city turns into an adventure.

Compare the Sportage's Trims

red kia stinger gt closeup

Kia Stinger

Luxury and sport meet in Kia's newest model - the Stinger. Standard heated seats and a 0-60 time of less than 5 seconds mark this model as an affordable alternative to German giants.

Compare the Stinger's 5 Trims