2018 Kia Stinger Vs. 2018 Ford Mustang

split screen image showing 2018 kia stinger gt and 2018 ford mustang

Performance cars reconnect drivers with the experience of driving through high speed, sporty handling and interior comfort. These cars are made to help you remember those feelings you experienced the first time you got behind the wheel, and they do an excellent job of it. Sit behind the wheel of a vehicle in this class, hit the accelerator and feel the thrill as you’re pushed back into the specially-designed bolstered racing seats.

Perhaps no word is as synonymous with performance in the United States as Mustang. The Ford Mustang has been around for over half a century, and barring a few missteps, has built a performance dynasty in that time. Going up against this track legend is the brand new 2018 Kia Stinger GT2 performance sedan. It’s the veteran vs the rookie. Let’s see how they measure up.

2018 Kia Stinger


2018 Ford Mustang

4/5 Doors/Seats 2/4
< 5 seconds (GT) 0-60 acceleration (lower is better) < 5 seconds (GT)
22 miles per gallon City MPG (higher is better) 21 miles per gallon
Dual-zone front automatic Climate control Manual
Driver and front passenger Base model heated seats Not available
5 years/60,000 miles Warranty 3 years/36,000 miles

Luxury Sports Car Vs. Muscle Car: Know the Difference

While drivers looking for exhilarating speed and performance are likely considering both the 2018 Kia Stinger and one of the 2018 Ford Mustang models, it’s important to point out the differences in what both models are trying to achieve.

Both cars let drivers choose between two engines to decide the performance/budget tradeoff they’re willing to make. Their similarities end there, however, as the models branch off into two very different ways to deliver this invigorating speed.

The 2018 Ford Mustang chops away a lot of the interior refinement and amenities of luxury sports sedans and instead provides a more dedicated performance vehicle. This is especially evident in the interior features offered by some of the highest trim level options for the 2018 Ford Mustang like climate control, audio system and infotainment all of which see the Mustang outclassed by Kia’s sporty Stinger.

Beyond just the features offered, the body style and build of the vehicles also serves as a compelling indicator of their function. The 2018 Kia Stinger has a luxuriously-furnished interior complete with 5 full seats, 60-40 folding split rear seats, 4-door access, fastback design and heated front seats. These features help show us a vehicle that wants to be your daily driver as much as it wants to be a weekend track warrior.

With the 2018 Ford Mustang, all of those features are foregone for a more spartan, performance driving experience. The 2-door only offers 4 seats with much more limited legroom (almost 6” less in the rear) and headroom (3” less in the rear) than the Stinger. The paltry 13.5 cubic-foot trunk is also bested by the 3x-as-large Kia Stinger’s 40.9 cubic feet of maximum cargo volume.

The Stinger’s 7” of extra wheelbase ensure a proper GT experience. You can take this car on a road trip, and do so every week for 5 years (or 60,000 miles) before the standard bumper-to-bumper warranty runs out. For the 2018 Ford Mustang, Ford sees the warranty last just over half as long at 3 years (or 36,000 miles).

Both vehicles are performance-heavy engineering wonders, but once you get beyond the speed, they’re very different. If you’re looking for speed, daily-driver functionality and interior comfort and convenience, the Stinger is a superior car inside and out. For more information on the 2018 Kia Stinger or to schedule a test drive, contact us today!