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The squeak of sneakers on the hardwood. The player lines up a shot from 25 feet out, with three seconds left, down by two. It goes up, banks in, and the crowd goes bananas. That's just a taste of what it feels like to watch a team win in the final seconds of a basketball game. And with the 2017 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament set to tip off in March, beginning what is affectionately called "March Madness," we would like you to be part of the action.

We're sure many of you have filled out brackets in past years, but this year, at Friendly Kia we've helped raise the stakes so you can win big, with our title sponsorship of the Tampa Bay Times' College Bracket Challenge, where there are three ways to win up to $500 through the Tampa Bay Times and registering can also make you eligible for winning in a national bracket challenge where you can win up to $1,000,000. Read on for more details, as there are plenty of ways to win on both a local and national level!

Register Online and Pick Your Bracket

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More Details: College Bracket Challenge

Tampa Bay Times Prize Money

$500 in cash prizes from the Tampa Bay Times, where you have three chances to win: The full bracket challenge, 16-team bracket and the 4-team bracket.


Three Ways to Win

The winner of the full 68-team bracket gets $250 cash; the winner of the 16-team bracket gets $150 cash, and the winner of the 4-team bracket receives $100 cash.


If You Win

If you’ve won, you will be notified by email on April 4, 2017, the day after the championship game, or by phone if you don’t respond to the email quickly. Fill out paperwork, and a check will be sent your way!

Pick the Winners in March Madness with Friendly Kia and the Tampa Bay Times!

Register Online and Pick Your Bracket

  • First Step: Go to the Tampa Bay Times website.
  • Second step: Register online or log into your existing account.
  • Third step: Pick your winners for the NCAA tournament. We have three separate ways to win:
    • Full 68-team bracket, winner gets $250.
    • 16-team bracket, winner gets $150.
    • 4-team bracket, winner gets $100.
  • NOTE: You can make picks starting on 3/12/2017, once the teams are announced.
Do you choose #1 seeds to play each other in the title game, or do you have a couple #11 seeds winning more than expected? You decide. Since this is a 3-in-1 bracket challenge, if you register before the tournament, you are eligible for three ways to win:
  • Pick the full bracket.
  • When the tournament field has moved to 16 teams, you will receive an email fill out a new 16-team bracket.
  • You will also be notified when the tournament is down to four teams to fill out a 4-team bracket for your third chance to win!

NOTE: Winners are contacted by email (or phone if email is not eliciting a response) the day after the tournament is over.

National Prizes for the Bracket Challenge

If you register to win with the Tampa Bay Times and Friendly Kia, then you are also eligible for these national prizes:

  • $1,000,000 cash annuity prize for making the correct picks for all of the final 63 games of the tournament. This is paid over 30 years, and will be divided among all winners (if there are more than one) who made all the correct picks.
  • Up to three $10,000 cash prizes, if you pick the winners for 61 or 62 games. If more than three winners qualify, the $30,000 will be shared equally among all winners.
  • Up to five $1,000 cash prizes, if you pick the winners for 60 games. If more than five people pick 60 winners, the $5,000 total will be divided equally among all the winners.

Please Note: Each person can only win one of these national prizes, and not a combination of two or more.

Important Dates for the Bracket Challenge

  • Selection Sunday (when the 68 NCAA Tournament teams are selected and seeded) is March 12.
  • Tournament starts March 14 with the first four teams; the first day of full action is Thursday, March 16.
  • Final Four is April 1.
  • Championship game is April 3.

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