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Kia Sets the Tone for Electric Vehicles with New BEV Platform

Will Kia Be Making More Electric Vehicles? 

The Hyundai Motor Group has announced its new Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) that will be a part of upcoming Kia electric vehicles. Kia has made it known that it has plans in place to make more hybrid and electric vehicles over the next few years and this new battery electric vehicle (BEV) platform is setting the tone for electric vehicles everywhere.  

Shoppers considering a new electric vehicle may be curious how this new platform will set the stage for the performance of upcoming Kia electric vehicles. Learn more about how the E-GMP will perform among the lineup as well as which model it will make its debut in.  

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Kia Brand’s BEV Reveals in 2021 

The Kia Motors Corporation has set plans in place to unveil its first dedicated battery electric vehicle, equipped with the E-GMP, in 2021. This model will be the first of many Kia vehicles to feature the new platform. Kia plans to release seven battery electric vehicles by 2027.

Why is the E-GMP Beneficial for Kia Vehicles? 

Hyundai Motor Group E-GMP

Understanding how various vehicle platforms work isn’t often at the top of a shopper’s priority list. However, knowing how the E-GMP is beneficial for Kia vehicles can help make your decision to switch to an upcoming electric Kia an easy choice.  

Below are just some of the standout details of the benefits E-GMP will provide to the driving experience in a Kia BEV. 

  • Rear-wheel drive platform 
  • High-performance model options 
  • 0 to 60 mph in under 3.5 seconds 
  • Maximum speed of 160 mph 
  • Improved driving stability 
  • Optimal weight distribution 
  • More cabin space than traditional electric vehicles 

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Kia plans to continue its transformation of electrified vehicles with its ‘Plan S’ strategy. Kia hopes to increase its portion of BEV sales to 20% by 2025 and this E-GMP is just the start. Stay tuned to the Friendly Kia Blog for more Kia brand news and updates. Visit our online inventory to view our current lineup of Kia vehicles in Tampa Bay today.