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Here’s Why Your Vehicle Isn’t Starting

Why Won’t My Kia Vehicle Start? 

If you’ve just hopped behind the wheel of your Kia vehicle and are wondering why your vehicle’s ignition just won’t crank, then this guide is here to help. There can be a broad range of reasons why your vehicle isn’t starting, and this guide will go over some of the most common reasons why your car is failing to turn on. So, take a deep breath, put the key down, and keep reading to see what’s keeping your Kia Seltos from starting.  

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Top Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start 

Driver looking under vehicle hood
  • Broken Ignition Switch: If you’re able to turn the key and everything in the vehicle is kicking on except the engine, then it’s more than likely you’ve got a broken ignition switch on your hands.  
  • Dead Battery: If nothing is happening when you turn your vehicle’s key then you’ve got a dead battery. In this case, nothing will turn on, including the dashboard lights and radio.  
  • Broken Starter: If you’ve put your key in the ignition and hear a clicking noise when trying to turn the key then your starter has likely gone bad. 
  • Clogged Fuel Filter: If everything else in your vehicle feels fine but you’ve found yourself with trouble starting the car, you might have a clogged fuel filter. Fuel filters need to be replaced on a routine schedule and skipping a replacement can land you in some trouble.  
  • Empty Gas Tank: One of the most forgotten about reasons for a car not starting is simply an empty gas tank. If you’re notorious for waiting until the last second to fuel up, there’s a good chance you’ve let the tank run dry and you just don’t have enough gas in the tank to get the car started.  

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Kia Vehicle Service in Tampa Bay FL 

If you’ve found yourself stuck with a car that keeps dying on you or one that is slow to start, head over to our service department here at Friendly Kia near Tampa Bay. Our team of service experts will get to the bottom of why your Kia vehicle won’t start. Check out our lineup of service coupons before heading in for your appointment to see if there are any other services you’d like done on your vehicle at a discounted cost.