Tire pressure warning on dashboard

Cooler Florida Weather is Tricking Your Kia’s TPMS Light

Why Does My Tire Light Keep Coming On? 

Here at the Friendly Kia service center we often get a lot of calls and visits once cooler Florida weather rolls in. Often, cool weather can trigger or trick your Kia vehicle tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and flip the dashboard light on. Our team loves to help our Tampa Bay drivers with their Kia questions, so we thought we’d put together this guide to answer the question, “Why does my tire light keep coming on?” to help you solve your TPMS light issue at home.  

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Cold Weather and TPMS Low Pressure Light 

Temperature changes can trigger a vehicle’s TPMS light, turning it on when the weather goes cold. The air inside a tire will contract when the air outside is cooler, causing the vehicle’s sensor system to think there is less air inside the tires than there really is. The tire’s pressure has the fall 25% below the recommended fill pressure to trigger the sensor. As Florida weather fluctuates, you may find your sensor coming on every now and then and turning itself off without having to do anything.  

Here’s an in-depth explanation on the TPMS light and how cold weather can affect it. 

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