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Friendly Kia’s Test Drive Tips and Tricks

What to Look for While Test Driving a Car 

After you’ve been searching around the Friendly Kia inventory to find the vehicle, or maybe vehicles, you like best, the next step in the process is coming by our dealership for a test drive. Test driving your next potential vehicle is crucial to deciding whether or not the car you have your eyes and heart set on is going to be the right fit for you.  

While shopping for your new Kia Sorento, Kia Telluride, or Kia K5 you may have imagined yourself behind the wheel. Now put yourself behind the wheel for real by stopping by Friendly Kia. But what should you look for while test driving a car here? We’ve put together some of Friendly Kia’s test drive tips and tricks to help you during your next test drive.  

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How to Test Drive a Kia Car 

Whether you’re looking at a new Kia vehicle on the Friendly Kia lot or are searching through our pre-owned inventory, our tips for how to test drive a vehicle remain the same. Below are some key things to keep in mind the next time you stop in for a test drive.  

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  • Is it comfortable? – Before you’ve even started the vehicle, take a minute to think about if you feel comfortable in the vehicle. Was it easy to get into the driver’s seat? Can you adjust the seat and steering wheel to your liking? Check to see if you can comfortably reach any controls you may need from the driver’s seat without having to do too much maneuvering.  
  • Check the mirrors – Even if the vehicle has a backup camera be sure that you can comfortably see out of all three mirrors while driving and backing up. Adjust the mirrors as you would in your own vehicle to be sure you don’t need to strain to see out of them.  
  • Drive with confidence – Oftentimes customers are hesitant to drive the vehicle as if they own it during their test drive. While we don’t want you zipping around corners and slamming to a stop, we do recommend driving the vehicle as you would your own vehicle. Take it through normal traffic and speed up like you normally would. Avoid hesitantly driving as this can prevent you from getting a true feel for the vehicle.  
  • Park it – Take the vehicle into a parking lot and practice parking the vehicle. This is especially important if you are going from a small car to a larger SUV or crossover.  
  • Walk around it – After you’ve finished the driving portion of the test drive, get out of the vehicle and walk around it. Open all the doors and the trunk and look around the car. Are the rear seats easy to move? Is the trunk big enough? Are the rear seats comfortable? It is easy to get caught up with just how the driver’s seat feels, so be sure to check out the rest of the vehicle as well. 

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Test Drive a Kia in New Port Richey 

Test driving vehicles can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. Above everything, Friendly Kia recommends taking your time through the test drive and never letting a salesperson rush you through it.  

We hope our list of tips and tricks comes in handy when you stop by Friendly Kia to test drive a Kia in New Port Richey. Keep these things in mind so you know what to look for during your test drive. Contact a member of our team today to book your appointment.