2018 Kia stinger alongside Ameircan flag on wood background

Let Freedom Ring with a Fun New Car from Kia!

What is the Most Fun Car?

Celebrating holidays that remind us of our identity as Americans is a double-edged sword. On one hand, we remember the ones who went before us and gave their time, effort and sometimes their lives to help preserve our status as a nation. On the other hand, everybody who has helped build this nation into what it is today has done so with the goal of seeing it as a bastion of freedom and liberty.

Liberty means being able to take care of one another and ourselves by enjoying the time and resources we have. In America, especially, we have millions and millions of miles of roads that are just waiting to be traversed by those who yearn for something new and stimulating. From 20-lane highways in Los Angeles to 1-lane county roads right here in Pasco County, they’re all there for the taking and we get to enjoy them because we’re free.

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When it comes to making the decision to travel these roads, we’d like to make a couple of recommendations for the kinds of vehicles that give you the most smiles per gallon.

1. Kia Forte

An unlikely option, but the Kia Forte effortlessly blends style, handling and fuel efficiency, meaning you can go further unrestricted by the need to be within 200 miles of a gas station at any time. With standard comfort and convenience features, the Forte is just as great for the long-haul as it is the daily commute.

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interior of 2019 kia forte from passenger side

2018 kia stinger interior from rear seat

 2. Kia Stinger

The Kia Stinger is built for one reason – fun. As a GT car in its V6 variant (read more about what that means here), the Stinger is built for exploration in style with a ton of performance under the hood. With the 2018 Kia Stinger, you’ll get all the benefits of a fast sports car while sitting in the interior of a luxury sedan. Win-win!

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3. Kia Sedona

Another unassuming choice for “fun,” the 2018 Kia Sedona ensures fun by making sure you can bring the whole crew along and keeping everybody comfortable for every mile. While the Forte and Stinger have a more relaxed and maverick definition of fun in mind, the Sedona is built for families and groups of friends that want to spend time between A and B in a small den complete with extending footrests and rear-seat entertainment.

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2018 kia sedona interior with reclining footrests

Have a Fun and Safe Fourth of July!

At Friendly Kia, the Fourth of July is one of our top holidays. Located right in the dead-center of summer, it’s a good reminder that we still have a lot of the vacation season left to enjoy. If you’re interested in a fun and free 2018 or 2019 Kia model, contact us today!

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