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What Sets Friendly Kia Apart from the Tampa Bay Kia Dealership Network?

What is the Best Kia Dealer in Tampa Bay?

Okay, let’s take a good look at ourselves. We spend a ton of time here on the Friendly Kia Blog talking about what we think makes Kia the best automotive brand for the mass market. We know it goes beyond bias, because we’re definitely not afraid to admit how that wasn’t always the case.

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Kia’s unique position in the market has gone from bargain basement to black horse, seeing them rise to become a challenger brand that breaks up the staid and tired conventions of automotive product planning, engineering and design. It’s this challenger status which has allowed models like the Kia Forte to become better than class totems like the Honda Civic.

It’s also, however, why Kia has grown to challenge German performance brands with the Kia Stinger and third-row SUVs everywhere with the 2020 Kia Telluride.

Today, however, we want to express our gratitude for the people we serve and help make the case for how we do things a little bit differently than other dealerships we’ve been to or know drivers who have been to.

What Makes Friendly Kia a Different Dealership?

A name says a lot about a business and for us here at Friendly Kia, being a product of Mr. Friendly himself, John Gilliss, has meant everything in terms of shaping how we do business, our attitude toward our community and the responsibility we feel for those in our spheres.

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Our number one goal has always been to offer a dealership experience that is honest and upfront, whether you’re purchasing, selling, leasing, having a vehicle serviced or just want to come talk with us about how disappointing this season has been for the once-dominant Tampa Bay Lightning.

It’s why we’ve been spotlighted in the community for helping our friends, neighbors and family members here in Tampa Bay. It’s also why we share weekend events on the Friendly Kia Blog every Thursday, shining a light on the seemingly ceaseless happenings our fun community provides.

Which Kia Dealership is the Best in Tampa Bay?

While “the best” has different meanings for everybody, we’ve worked hard to raise expectations and standards for Kia dealerships in our area. Our work has resulted in us being invited to the Kia Motors America President’s Club for the past four years.

We’re the only dealership in the Tampa Bay region to have been invited at all in 2019.

This award signifies a commitment to driver satisfaction.

If you’re in the market for a new Kia vehicle or looking for a new dealership at which to service one…a dealership that won’t break your heart, we’d love to help! Click below to reach out today!

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