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Slogans can Make or Break a Brand. Let’s See How Kia Does!

What is Kia’s Slogan?

Slogans add a layer of elaboration and wit to brand names that may not be immediately identifiable. Some, like Wheaties “Breakfast of Champions” or Nike’s “Just Do It,” have been great and continue today as a testament to the power of positive advertising and creativity. Others, like AT&T’s “Reach out and Touch Someone,” or the perplexingly-bad, how-did-anybody-sign-off-on this “It’s Not for Women” from Dr. Pepper Ten, remind us that like all sciences, sloganeering can blow up in your face.

Getting it right is a matter of succinctly summarizing your brand’s guiding principles and doing so in a way that is fun, memorable and avoids negative connotations or inappropriate innuendo (Looking at you, UPS and “What Can Brown Do for You?”). While you may think that sounds simple enough, the extremely short list of brands who have nailed it proves otherwise.

So, how does Kia measure up to these iconic and instantly-impacting slogans? Let’s see!

Kia Brand Slogan

Kia’s global brand Kia Motors Worldwide operates under the slogan “The Power to Surprise.” Kia elaborates on this brand slogan with the following:

“Kia will show you the power to surprise with dynamic and exciting experiences that go beyond your expectations.”

-Kia Worldwide Brand Identity

First, that’s a great slogan! It’s short, clearly communicates a powerful and differentiating factor about Kia and sets the course for Kia’s engineering and design. They don’t, after all, want to just give you a car that works for what you want – they want to surprise you by how well it does that and more!

Does Kia live up to this slogan? We think so! If there’s one thing you can say about Kia, it’s that they’ve surprised a lot of us by becoming an up-market brand with entry-luxury models. All it takes is one glance over to our Throwback Thursday archives to see just how far Kia has come in less than ten years.

In just a little bit over that time, Kia has gone from providing high-affordability, low-everything-else vehicles to attaining the status of industry-leader in terms of reliability, safety, warranty coverage and model diversity across their lineup.

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Experiencing the Power to Surprise at Friendly Kia

2019 kia soul parked in front of stylized storefront

With Kia’s models being built around the rare joy of feeling surprise, we’d love to have you experience this with a test-drive here at Friendly Kia. We know you’ll love models like the 2019 Kia Soul, which leads its class in terms of standard technology and features or the 2019 Kia Sorento, which offers up to seven passengers comfortable and capable crossover transportation.

Best of all, all these models are backed by an industry-best 5-year/60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty and 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

For more information or to schedule a test drive, contact us today!

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