Red 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door

Vincentric Awards Kia Rio 5-Door with Best Value in America Title

What Hatchback Vehicle Offers the Best Value? 

The 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door has taken home a 2021 Vincentric Best Value in America Award after earning the top spot in the Subcompact Hatchback segment. After earning this award title, the answer to the question of “What hatchback vehicle offers the best value?” is simple – it’s the 2021 Rio 5-Door.  

This Kia hatchback has a lot to offer drivers around Tampa Bay, especially those looking for style, efficiency, and a subcompact size on the road. As you consider your next vehicle to own, you may be wondering what exactly helped the 2021 Rio 5-Door subcompact hatchback earn the Vincentric Best Value in America title. Let’s find out below.  

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Red 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door rear view

Value is all about getting the most bang for your buck and when it comes to vehicle value you want to know that you are getting the most well-rounded vehicle for your money. The Kia brand is known for packing its vehicles full of the latest technology and in-demand features for a mass-market price tag. The Kia brand brings street-ready style and an industry-best warranty that will keep drivers covered for the long haul. All of this can also be said for the 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door. 

The Kia Rio 5-Door was refreshed for 2021 and is loaded with essential features that shoppers are looking for. Inside the Rio 5-Door, you will find an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment center, a full range of convenience features, sporty style, and more.  

Is the Kia Rio 5-Door a Good Hatchback? 

Depending on who you ask, the Kia Rio 5-Door is the only hatchback in the Kia lineup (some consider the Kia Soul to be more of a crossover than a hatchback). The reason being that this model is the only hatchback available with a Kia logo is because Kia simply did everything right in the Rio 5-Door.  

The Kia Rio 5-Door has now been recognized with the top title of Best Value in America by Vincentric, proving again just how well Kia built and designed this hatchback. David Wurster, president of Vincentric, had this to say about the Kia Rio 5-Door hatchback’s win: 

“The Kia Rio had the lowest repair and depreciation costs of all Subcompact Hatchback vehicles. These low costs helped the Rio outperform the competition for the 2021 Vincentric Best Value in America Awards and prove its strong value in the consumer market.” 

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The Kia brand continues to receive praise for its models in every vehicle segment, with the latest award being the Vincentric Best Value in America for the 2021 Kia Rio 5-Door in the Subcompact Hatchback segment. If you are looking for an award-winning Kia vehicle in the Tampa Bay area near Clearwater, come visit us at Friendly Kia in New Port Richey, FL. Check out our online inventory to view all of our available Kia models.