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What Should I Look for in a Used Kia Around Tampa Bay?

Used Kia Buying and Test Drive Tips and Tricks 

When it comes to finding your next vehicle, a used option can always be a great fit in terms of price and value. Often times our used Kia models here at Friendly Kia come with aftermarket features or upgrades that would normally raise the price in a newer model. As you search for a used Kia around Tampa Bay, though, you may be wondering what things you should be checking before buying your new-to-you Kia Soul.   

Our sales team has put together its best used Kia buying and test drive tips and tricks to help you on your search for your next vehicle around the Clearwater, Sarasota, and Tampa Bay areas. Get a look at our top tips for searching for a used Kia around Tampa below.  

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What to Check When Buying a Used Kia 

When you visit our used vehicle lot at Friendly Kia, here’s what you should keep in mind when buying a used Kia: 

Red 2021 Kia Sportage
  • Low Mileage: At Friendly Kia, our used inventory is full of used Kia models with desirably low mileage. Finding a used vehicle with low mileage on the odometer is key if you are hoping to get a good number of years out of your vehicle. Low mileage means it has spent less time on the road and its parts haven’t gone through much normal wear and tear.  
  • Certified Pre-Owned Models: Used Kia models can earn a CPO title that guarantees shoppers that the vehicle is in like-new condition. CPO models offer minimal risk for shoppers in terms of value loss, and they come with great benefits that other used models don’t offer. Kia Certified Pre-Owned models must pass a 164-point inspection that ensures the performance, safety, and reliability of the used Kia model.  
  • Vehicle History: At Friendly Kia, we offer a CARFAX report with every used Kia model in our New Port Richey inventory. With this report, you are able to get a look into the vehicle’s history, including the number of owners, previous accidents, service records, and more. Our free CARFAX reports can give you peace of mind when choosing the used Kia that is right for you.  

Used Car Test Drive Tips Tampa Bay

If you are ready to get yourself behind the wheel of your next vehicle here in the Tampa Bay area, Friendly Kia’s used vehicle test drive tips are sure to come in handy. When you stop by our showroom to get behind the wheel of a used Kia model, keep these top tips in mind: 

  • Take your time and avoid rushing through the test drive. 
  • Drive it like you own it. We don’t mean that you should be whipping around corners or skidding to a stop but drive as comfortably as you would your own vehicle to get a real feel for the vehicle.  
  • Do more than just drive the vehicle. Our team recommends reversing and parking the vehicle a few times in parking lots and along the street to get a feel for the size of the vehicle.  
  • Get in and out more than once. It is easy to think that you can get used to a lower-than-usual doorway in your vehicle but be sure getting in and out of the vehicle is comfortable. Do you have to crouch down to get into the car? Is the vehicle just a bit too high for you to comfortably hop in? 
  • Check out the infotainment systems. Interact with the various infotainment features and settings in the vehicle to see if the model has what you are looking for and if the system is easy to navigate.  

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Shopping for vehicles can be stressful, which is why our team at Friendly Kia has put together this guide to our top used Kia buying and test drive tips and tricks. If you need help on your search for your next used Kia around Tampa or Clearwater, contact a member of the Friendly Kia team today.