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Direct Current 11: Tampa Bay Lightning Playoff Takeaways

Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018 Round 2 Progress

As we gear up for what will be a consequential, though not series-settling, game in Boston tonight, we at Friendly Kia have been glued to our TVs watching the Bolts in this post-season. Tonight, you may even catch some of us at Curtis Hixon for the road-game watch party that Riverfest is doing.

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With adrenaline and momentum both being high for this game, we wanted to jump out in front of whatever is coming next for the Lightning (whether it be falling to a tied series, or leaping ahead by two games and coming within one of the advancement) by talking about some of the best things that are happening for Tampa Bay right now.

1. Tampa Bay Poised for Best Round 2 Series

If Tampa Bay beat the Bruins tonight, they’ll be the only team with the potential of wrapping up the series in five games. With Nashville’s clinical seeing off the surging Jets last night, every other series is tied at 2-2. Tampa’s game tonight gives them the opportunity to pull into a 3-1 series score and then return to the Amalie on Sunday to see off the universally-hated team of the Eastern Conference.

Although this distinction means little on paper, it would prove that the Lightning, more than any other team, have the quality to push them through into the next rounds and eventual Finals of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

2. Vasilevskiy Continues to Prove His Class

We’ve spent a lot of words in our Direct Current featurette this year talking up Russian goalkeeper Andrei Vasilevskiy and for good reason. Our spouses and families have expressed concern over our level of obsession with this composed shot-stopper.

Both series of the 2018 NHL playoffs have completely vindicated us before our families and God, however. Vasilevskiy has proven his status as one of the best players in the league. With his age, as well, wonderful things are ahead. We hope that 79 years from now when Direct Current #1907 is released on the iPhone 400, we’ll be able to announce his retirement as the most celebrated and decorated goalie of all time.

(We assume that with advancements in medical technology and the high income of the Tampa Bay owners, a player playing for 85 years will not be an unheard-of thing in the future).



3. Ondrej Palat is a Top-10 Record Holder

Palat’s two goals against Boston the other night actually helped put him on a historic top ten ranking list. A rankings list that features names like Tony Amonte and Wayne Gretzky. With Palat’s two goals occurring in just under 3 minutes, 20 seconds, he became the 7th fastest person to reach two goals to start an NHL playoff game.

While teams like Las Vegas, Nashville and Pittsburgh have been consistently lauded for their goal scoring contributions, the Bolts’ diverse lineup of goal scorers shows a team that works together. Palat has been a huge part of that throughout the regular season and is also proving to us he can maintain that status into the postseason.

4. Go Bolts!

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We don’t have much else to say or report on than just that we’re all pulling for a decisive victory tonight. Remember the game starts at 7:00 PM EDT, but live viewing at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park begins at 4:30.

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If an outdoor park isn’t quite your thing, you can also check out Big Storm Brewery. They have a nice setup and often do $1 off pints for fans wearing Lightning gear.

If you are looking for a friend to go see game 5 with, or have any other questions about the Lightning or Tampa Bay sports in general, be sure to reach out to us today. We have a lot to say about the Lightning and you may even wind up sorry you even asked.

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