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Direct Current 10: Lightning Through to Round 2 Edition

Tampa Bay Lightning News and Playoff Progress

Playoffs are high stakes time. Although the NHL uses a series method to award progression, every game still counts. All it takes is a team to losing their momentum and pluck from their opponents to overturn 2- or even 3-game leads.

Thankfully, we get to rest easy this year and enjoy some time before round 2. The Tampa Bay Lightning have officially reached round 2 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs after clinching their progression following a 3-1 victory over New Jersey at the Amalie Arena on Saturday. Beating the Devils by a tally of four games to one, the Lightning became the first Eastern Conference team to advance this year.

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Who Will Play the Lightning in Round 2 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs?

The series to determine who we will face up against in Round 2 is well underway. It will either be Boston (Bruins) or Toronto (Maple Leafs). It looked like Boston had the momentum to win game 5, but Toronto was able to pull the victory and, thus, the series moves forward into game 6 with Boston leading the Leafs by 3-2.

If you’re asking us who we’d rather see play the Bolts, that’s a bit tougher.

The Boston rivalry is well noted, with fans of both sides electing the other as a target for a rivalry. With the way the regular season wound down (Boston almost becoming Eastern Conference champions) and our record against them throughout the season, we’d love to see the Lightning assert themselves as the Eastern Conference’s dominant team by advancing ahead of them.

But also, beating the team that beat Boston round 2 would also be an excellent way to celebrate. The chances for injury to any crucial Lightning fans does seem lower with the Leafs. Even though we love a good melodrama, we’re hoping that Toronto can advance to ensure a civil 2nd round and a healthy Lightning team advancing.

When Does Round 2 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs Start?

Whichever team we wind up against, round 2’s beginning is wholly dependent on how soon somebody advances between Toronto and Boston. Should that occur tonight, we’ll likely see a start date of Thursday, 26 April 2018. Should the game go into game 7, it will probably be Saturday, 2018 April 2018.

Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup Playoff Odds

They’re real good.

Our series against the Devils showed fans just how electrifying Tampa Bay’s offense can be. The defense was also a huge part of the quick advancement, owing huge thanks to Vasilevskiy, who recently had the following to say:

“As you might have noticed, the Lightning won the Stanley Cup with a Russian Goalie.”

It appears confidence and momentum are on the Lightning’s side in massive quantities. Both these characteristics will help secure further success as the team moves forward into round 2.

Go Bolts!

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This has been a brilliant season for the Lightning, and we expect it to only become more exciting! With a second-round that will either see the Bolts getting a shot on revenge against rivals Bruins, or being able to play their heart out against a team that’s technically-sound in the Leafs, we’re in for some fun!

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