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Crow’s Nest 2: It’s Okay to Cry in Public

Tampa Bay Buccaneers News – December 22, 2017

You may remember from our last post in the Crow’s Nest, that we’ve decided to take a realistic approach to the season this year. After all, the delusion we experienced at the beginning of the season with a couple of wins only made it harder to accept the way the season has gone since then.

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While the title of the latest issue contained some optimism, both games since then have seen the Bucs get frustratingly close to pulling ahead, losing 24 to 21 in each game. Still, there are some interesting things to talk about regarding this team.

Diagnosing Defensive Line Issues

One of the big issues this season has been the huge amount of points the Buccaneers’ opposition has been able to rack up. More than just points, though, these teams have been able to exhibit offensive proficiency that may or may not have otherwise been there.

It’s time to ask questions about the defensive line. NFL Network XO producer Ben Fennel did just that in a recent tweet. This tweet highlights the discrepancy between the Buccaneers’ investment off the field and the returns on the field:

(If the tweet fails to load, it says:

Buccaneers have the 3rd highest paid DL in the NFL (40.1 million cap this season, 26% of cap)

Sacks – 18 (32nd)
Run Defense – 119.5 YPG (23rd))

A lot for Buccaneers’ coaching staff to consider as we move into a Tampa Bay-less postseason. A lack of solid outside linebackers is part of the problem, but when you’re spending that much of your cap, you expect to see a team with a YPG in the 60s or 70s and more than 18 sacks 2 games from the end.

It’s Okay to Cry in Public

thirty yard line marker for nfl

We’d usually use the sections in this featurette for Bucs news, but we want to do something more important in this issue. We want to remind you that it’s okay to spontaneously break down about the performance of our local NFL team anywhere – at home, at the grocery store, at work, out shopping, wherever.

Nobody is going to judge you. When you see somebody sobbing in public around these parts, you know why – it’s the Bucs.

We want to let you know it’s okay because it’s just going to happen at some point. Little things are going to remind you of the team. The bright orange-red color, the word “Barber” on a hair-cut outlet or the number 37 are just a few items that have brought tears to our eyes in public as we ruminate on another season that ends before the new year.

If none of that is enough to make you weep, this stat from NFL writer and originator of the term “deflategate” probably will:

(If the tweet fails to load it says:

Buccaneers have all-time worst win % of .387 – do we talk about that enough?

Next-worst team is Cardinals at .425, then Texans at .433

If TB wins final 2 this year and goes 12-4 for the next 18 straight seasons, franchise could hit .500 sometime around week 6-7 in 2035 season.)

We don’t know about you, but we’re sobbing.


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