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Crow’s Nest 1: Will the Buccaneers Make Us Cry This Weekend?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers News: December 2017

You may remember earlier this week when we introduced a new feature on our blog called “Direct Current” where we’ll be sharing news, previews and our takes on the Tampa Bay Lightning’s current form. You can read our inaugural issue of Direct Current by clicking here.  The Crow’s Nest is a similar feature we’ll be running.

In the interest of preserving our sanity, we’re probably going to talk very little about the Buccaneers, however. We joke.  There have been some encouraging things in the past couple of games and as the season winds down, we know the management at Tampa Bay should have some pretty clear ideas of changes to make before next season begins.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Playoff Chances December 2017: Next Year It Is!

This season hasn’t been horrible. We’ve had worse. A few weeks ago, we published a blog that we would like to publicly apologize for called “At 3-6, What are the Chances the Bucs Make the Playoffs for 2017?” Suffering a 1-2 record since that post’s publication, the season will almost certainly end for Tampa Bay following 16 games.

A statistical rundown shows the Bucs with less than a 1% chance of playoff success, largely dependent on teams which have been in good form, suffering unprecedented collapses. It’s technically possible, but in the same way that spilling a can of alphabet soup on the ground and spelling out the lyrics to Despacito is technically possible.

silhouette of football fan standing up in celebration of stadium playWill the Buccaneers Let Go of Dirk Koetter?

Losing coaches for underperforming isn’t something foreign to us Buccaneers fans. After going 9-7 last year, a winning record is all but impossible for this season. Koetter’s systems don’t seem to be working. At Friendly Kia, we’re big fans of sticking with something and waiting for it to bloom (compare 1990s Kia Models to the modern brand, for instance), but we don’t know if Tampa Bay ownership is going to be as patient.

They certainly haven’t been in the past.

As much as these final four games are important pride pieces for fans, they could be the difference between another season in Tampa and hitting the job boards for Dirk Koetter.

Buccaneers Vs. Detroit Lions: NFL Week 14 preview

Hope hasn’t been kind to the Buccaneers this season, yet we remain optimistic. The Lions, who were being touted as division and conference championship contenders two weeks ago, have lost two in a row and are without the guidance of Matthew Stafford for Sunday’s game.

Coming off a devastating overtime loss to the weakened Green Bay Packers, and then a crushing defeat at the Ravens, the Lions look to be in shambles. The spirits in Tampa Bay aren’t much higher, but could prove enough of an edge to pull off a surprising win.

Ignore the pundits on this one, we choose to remain hopeful and proudly predict a 29 – 22 victory for the Super Bowl XXXVII champions.

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