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Emergency Preparedness: Swimming Skills and Water Safety

Swimming Schools and Lessons Tampa Bay FL 

Learning how to swim might be something fun to do during the summer, but it is also an essential part of being prepared in case of an emergency. Being able to swim is crucial for those living around Florida, as for many the threat of hurricanes and flooding is a yearly occurrence. While hurricanes are something we don’t often like to think about, being prepared for them is critical.  

The team at Friendly Kia has already put together an emergency preparedness guide to help you be ready should a hurricane ever come your way. In today’s emergency guide, we’ve put together a list of local swimming schools and lessons available in Tampa Bay, FL. No matter what age you are, learning how to swim is an important skill to have. Find where you can take swimming lessons around Tampa below.  

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Tampa Area Swimming Lesson Groups 

Tampa Bay Turners Swimming Program

Location: 2301 26th St. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713 
Overview: Tampa Bay Turners offers swimming lessons for all ages, from infants to adults. This program is nationally awarded and offers on-going sessions, allowing Tampa locals to register at any time.  

Seal Swim School

Location: 3703 W McKay Ave, Tampa, FL 33609 
Overview: Seal Swim School offers free swimming lessons for infants 0-5 months old. Swimming lessons are available to all ages and abilities. Standard swimming lessons and swimming camps are available.  

Tampa Bay YMCA

Location: 110 East Palm Ave, Tampa, FL 33602 
Overview: Tampa Bay’s YMCA offers swimming lessons and general water safety courses year-round. Free lessons are available on select dates, offering even more accessibility to those around Tampa. A variety of age groups and swim stages are available to offer the best lesson options to learners.  

Maureen’s Swim Academy

Location: 8143 Honeybee Ln, Tampa, Florida 33635 
Overview: Tampa locals can enjoy private or group swim lessons at Maureen’s Swim Academy. Learners can take lessons at the Maureen’s Swim Academy pool, at a community pool, or even in their own backyard. Swimmers of all ages, from 8 weeks old to 90+ years old, can learn to swim with this local program.  

Young girl in swimming pool

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Being able to swim can change the outcome of a water-based emergency. While checking off your hurricane preparedness list, be sure you are able to check off swimming skills by taking advantage of one of these Tampa Bay swimming schools. No matter how old you or your family members are, it’s never too late to take swimming lessons.  

Our team at Friendly Kia is dedicated to not only educating the Tampa Bay community on all things automotive but also emergency preparedness as well. Check out the rest of the Friendly Kia blog for more safety tips and tricks.  

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