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Kia Remixed: Check Out These Variants We’d Love to See!

Sedona Cargo Van and Other Kia Variants We’d Love to See

At Friendly Kia, we are blown away by the recent design work Kia has invested into their products. Many of us have been selling Kia vehicles since the early 2000s and remember a time when Kia vehicles were inexpensive and that was pretty much it. You can read more about this era in our Throwback Thursday/Flashback Friday featurette here.

Beyond simply captivating vehicles like the Kia Cadenza and Kia Stinger, Kia has overhauled their mass-market models, turning them into some of the best-looking vehicles on the road today and standout models in their respective segments. Just look at the 2019 Kia Forte, for instance. It’s sexy and sophisticated – two words you never hear used to describe compact cars.

All that said, we don’t want to come across like we’re critical of Kia’s design and styling. We have nothing but praise and respect for the work done by Peter Schreyer and his team to not just invigorate the brand but turn it into a leader in the mass-market industry. Instead, we’re making a wish list of some things Kia could do with their models that would make them even more enticing options.

Without further ado, here are some variants of Kia models that we’d love to see!

1. Kia Stinger Shooting Brake


Photoshopped version of Kia Stinger with hatch

Among the oldest terms in our collective automotive vocabulary, a Shooting Brake is a term given to a performance-oriented car with a hatchback/wagon style and (traditionally) two doors. With the Stinger featuring an RWD-oriented/coupe-like body and four doors, this admittedly-dodgy Photoshop creation shows us how both the Stinger and shooting brakes could be better.

Friendly Possibility Index: This ain’t it, chief. (2/10)

2. Kia Telluride Pickup Truck

2020 Kia Telluride Pickup truck photoshop concept

Although the Kia Telluride hasn’t arrived yet and we still know very little about the upcoming full-size SUV, that which we do know lends itself well to a pickup truck concept. We’ve written a post already about how much sense it would make for Kia to produce an open-box version of the Telluride, able to compete with the unibody Honda Ridgeline and upcoming Volkswagen Tanoak, both based on full-size SUVs (the Honda Pilot and Volkswagen Atlas, respectively).

Not only would Kia surely be able to undercut Honda (and presumably, VW) on pricing, but the Telluride’s more rugged styling would make it the perfect choice for drivers seeking both utility and a comfortable daily drive. Kias’ friends at Hyundai also have plans to bring a midsize, unibody pickup truck to the market sometime in the next few years as well making this even more likely.

Friendly Possibility Index: Keep your ears to the tracks (5/10)

3. Kia Sedona Cargo Van

2019 kia sedona cargo van concept

We love the Kia Sedona. Kia’s minivan has both challenged and completely refreshed the staid and tired minivan class. For drivers with families and those who just want to enjoy a comfortable and tech-filled experience, the 2018 and upcoming 2019 Kia Sedona is an easy choice in its class.

However, for workers and delivery services, the Sedona’s cavernous interior and robust engine could be used for more. With a Kia Sedona cargo van, we’d get to see that space and muscular exterior put to the excellent use. We’d also get to see a cargo van enter the fray that actually looks decent?

We’ve mocked up the Kia Sedona with flat metal windows and a less flashy paint finish to reflect the more utilitarian nature of cargo vans. Still looks great.

Friendly Possibility Index: Cornered market means little room for Kia (4/10)

Ideas You’d Like to See?

Kia makes decisions based on what is good for business and drivers. While we would love to see any of these three model variants come to light, they all rank lowly for how smart of a choice they would be to introduce.

That said, if Kia does introduce a Kia Stinger Shooting Brake, Telluride Pickup, Sedona Cargo Van or anything else in the future, you’ll find out about it first right here on the Friendly Kia blog.

If there are any variants you would like to see or for more information about Kia vehicles possible and impossible, contact us today!

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