2016 Kia Forte Sorento Rio 5 Door Back to School Tampa Clearwater Spring Hill New Port Richey FL

What are the Best Back-to-School Cars?

Top Back-to-School Kia Cars and SUVs

If you’re a teenager in a high school or a young adult in college, it’s that time that many of you didn’t want to come to pass – the start of the new school year.  If you’re a parent with kids in school, your response to this event is probably a little different, but we’ll leave you to your high-fives when you’re done reading this post.  In the meantime, let’s remember September is a time for both groups to unite under a common goal – finding students a nice back-to-school ride.

There’s many factors to consider.  For example, you might want your car to be fuel-efficient, or have a lot of room for passengers, or hold a lot of stuff.  Then comes that all-too-important factor: What’s this going to cost?

We’ll take a look at three Kia models that are ideal for these criteria, all at an affordable price, and give you the lowdown on the top back-to-school Kias for high school and college students. 

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2015 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Lavonte David Jameis Winston Gerald McCoy Doug Williams Brad Johnson Florida

Buccaneers Season Preview: It Takes Team to Tango

Tampa Bay Bucs 2015 Preseason Predictions

In the middle of the wreckage (don’t worry, the pirate ship is fine) of last season’s 2-14 record, it was hard to see why we should be too optimistic about the Buccaneers’ future. Sure, the Bucs had a lot of talent, like Pro Bowl defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, 2014 rookie stud wide receiver Mike Evans, and star linebacker Lavonte David. But the team went through a variety of running backs, starting quarterback Mike Glennon was benched before the season was even halfway over, and the defense ranked near the bottom in points allowed.

The gift, as it often is for struggling teams in the NFL, came at the end of the season, with the confirmation the Bucs had scored the top pick in the draft. Enter gunslinger Jameis Winston, winner of the 2014 National Championship as well as the 2013 Heisman Trophy, and an elite talent at quarterback. Winston is expected to start at quarterback right away, and he brings an ability the team hasn’t seen at the position in years, since perhaps the playoff teams of Brad Johnson in the 2000s or Doug Williams in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Read the rest of this entry >>

Labor Day sale Friendly Kia Spring Hill Clearwater Tampa New Port Richey FL

Friendly Kia’s Blowout Sale: We Have the Cars, You Bring Yourself

Kia Sale Labor Day Weekend 2015 Tampa FL

At Friendly Kia we are participating in a blowout sale over Labor Day weekend, and you are all invited! Friendly is known for selling the fun and functional, yet affordable, line of Kia automobiles. We typically price our vehicles on the lot at significant markdowns from even the suggested retail price, giving you greater value for your money. And for the next few days over Labor Day weekend and through Sept. 8, Kia is holding a “Sign It & Drive It” sales event. There’s plenty of amazing vehicles available for you at steep discounts; all you need to do is show up, take some for a test drive, and sign a 36-month lease for your new ride. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Kia Rio 5 Door New Port Richey Clearwater St Petersburg Tampa Spring Hill Trinity FL

Kia Rio 5-Door Shows There’s Always Room for One More

New 2016 Kia Rio 5-Door Features and Specs

At family Thanksgivings across the country, there’s usually at least one person who sits at the table, rubbing his or her belly in mock-agony, before diving into the mashed potatoes for one last bite. It’s unavoidable; from staying with friends for “one last beer” at a local bar to pleading for “one more song” at concerts, we often are looking for one more of something we are enjoying. The Kia Rio takes the sedan’s typical four-door design and adds a hatchback in the rear, making for one more door that is sure to please those who love extra cargo space. Check out the features and specs of the 2016 Kia Rio 5-Door and beyond.

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Tampa Clearwater St Petersburg Spring Hill Trinity New Port Richey Kelly Clarkson Lego Neil Young Devil Rays FL

Events in the Tampa Area, Sept. 21-27: Old-Time Rock N’ Roll Rules the Region

Things to do in Tampa Bay Area September 21 to 27

To quote Neil Young, “Rock N’ Roll can never die.” It thrives among bands new and old, from arena-fillers like Foo fighters or U2 to the club-dwellers at local haunts like Crowbar. This week is proof that although it takes a while to get to the top, there’s a lot of musicians who have made it their life’s work to stay up there. Choose from snarling 80s icon Billy Idol, pop powerhouse Janet Jackson, or legends like Delbert McClinton, among others.

Don’t forget to check out a Halloween preview and a superhero-themed event for the family to get your quotient of fun in the Tampa sun. It’s also time to pay our respects to some iconic and accomplished musicians this week.

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2016 Kia August sales record setting Soul Optima Sedona Sportage Forte Tampa Clearwater Spring Hill Trinity New Port Richey FL

Kia Celebrates Fourth Straight Record Sales Month

Kia Record Sales August 2015

Homer. Tater. Dinger. Four-bagger. Whatever you want to call it, a home run in baseball allows the batter to touch all four bases before scoring. And that’s what Kia just has done, belting a “four-bagger” with its fourth consecutive record sales month. All told, Kia’s sales are up 5.4 percent this year, with 426,160 cars sold at the end of August versus 404,389 at the same point in 2014.

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Songs of Summer 2015 Taylor Swift Kendrick Lamar Wiz Khalifa Chris Brown Omarion Justin Bieber New Port Richey Clearwater Spring Hill Trinity Tampa FL

Which Kia is Best for Listening to 2015’s Song of the Summer?

Song of the Summer Clearwater FL 2015

The “Song of the Summer” each year is that track you can’t avoid between Memorial Day and Labor Day, whether you’re at work or out with friends, whether you’re driving in gridlock or shopping at the mall. It’s so inescapable it might as well be an un-killable zombie, popping up every hour or two on your favorite radio station when it hungers again for brains. We’re going to take a closer look at the Song of the Summer for the Clearwater, FL area in 2015 and an ideal car for the situation, the 2015 Kia Forte Koup. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Kia Soul skinny hamsters Tampa Clearwater Spring Hill New Port Richey FL

History of the Kia Soul Hamsters Commercials

Skinny Hamsters 2016 Kia Soul

Skinny Elvis or Fat Elvis? Which is better – the vigorous hip-gyrating “Blue Suede Shoes” dude or the portly, soulful man who belted out “Suspicious Minds” while sporting a rapidly expanding belt? Big or small – it’s the age-old question. One that gained a new entrant in 2013 when the famous Kia Soul hamsters appeared skinnier than ever during an ad for the 2014 Kia Soul.

In the years since, while many of us have worried about highway miles per gallon or towing capacity, the chosen few have wondered what is better for Kia Soul sales: The chunky, clunky hamsters of old, or will skinny hamsters be hawking the 2016 Kia Soul?

Opinions have been mixed among advertising rodent-followers: Some prefer that the hamsters look leaner and healthier since it promotes a healthier lifestyle, while some like the positive body image the larger versions presented. Read the rest of this entry >>

September 2015 events Kelly Clarkson M.C. Escher Blues Traveler Breaking Bad Tampa Clearwater St. Petersburg New Port Richey Trinity Spring Hill FL

Events in the Tampa Area, Sept. 14-20: Building Up Excitement

Things to do in Tampa Bay Area September 2015

The week of Sept. 14-20 in the Tampa area has something for all tastes. Everything is awesome for LEGO-lovers, as they can build to their heart’s delight. And the music slate, featuring Blues Traveler, won’t give you the “Runaround.

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2016 Kia Sedona meaning name Nicolas Cage Lucille Ball Madonna

What’s the Inspiration for the Kia Sedona’s Name?

Meaning of Kia Sedona Name

This one’s a puzzler. For starters, Sedona is a city in Arizona which is renowned for its beauty and peacefulness. It’s also considered to be a sacred, holy place by Native Americans. The Urban Dictionary says Sedona is “a woman who will steal your heart,” but we’re not going to trust that source at all.

There’s stories that celebrities as diverse as Lucille Ball, Madonna, and Nicolas Cage have lived in the southwestern city. But where, exactly, did Kia get the inspiration for its minivan: What is the meaning of the Kia Sedona’s name? Read the rest of this entry >>