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Is New Port Richey Becoming a Real Bicycling Destination?

New Port Richey Bike-Friendliness On the Rise

Living in New Port Richey provides the best aspects of both city living and quiet suburban life. We’re close enough to the action in Tampa Bay that we get to take part in all the cultural events and holidays but far enough away that we have a quiet home to come back to when the festivities have wound down.

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Additionally, with New Port Richey and Port Richey themselves having plenty of amenities, we don’t have to head south into the busy metroplex if we don’t want to.  It really is perfect and part of the reason we’re so proud to call New Port Richey our home!

If you live in or frequently visit, what we call, the Jewel of Pasco County, you may have noticed a lot of people are getting around in the same way. We’re not talking about the Kia Soul, although that’s up there in popularity as well. No, we mean bicycles! With our abundant sunshine and moderate winters, more and more people are adopting a two-wheeled approach to their commutes and recreation.

Bike Gangs in New Port Richey?

Okay, they’re not gangs like “Hells Angels,” “Sons of Silence,” or “Bandidos.” Bicycle groups let enthusiasts come together and enjoy the shared experience and aesthetics of riding. With as many segments as automobiles enjoy, bikes are a transportation method that naturally build communities around their nuances.

For instance, cruisers are large bikes designed for comfort. These big-framed bikes often draw their inspiration from postwar automotive design and include large seats and a relaxed drivetrain. On the opposite end of the comfort spectrum, fixed gear bikes are chopped down to the most basic form a bike can have. This is done to save weight as fixed gear bikes (and track bikes) are usually favorited for their speed and agility.

With the number of bicycle groups here in NPR growing all of the time, downtown businesses like Sip Wine Bar have taken note. Last week, Sip hosted a massive group ride that drew over 100 bike riders to downtown NPR. If you had a chance to witness this, it was quite a sight – like an informal Tour de France, complete with twice the steel.

Is New Port Richey a Bike-Friendly City?

In this past, you may not have thought of NPR as a bastion of cycling culture or two-wheel-accommodating infrastructure. With New Port Richey being a uniquely-interesting member of the Tampa Bay cities, however, it is stepping up to fill the role of pedal-pushing paradise.

If you missed out on the group ride, take heart! Our sources have indicated that Sip is planning another one, come September. We’re sparse on details, but we bet you would be able to find out more by contacting them on their Facebook page.

If the lack of Kia content or poorly-photoshopped imagery in this post threw you off, don’t worry! We’ll be back at it again – probably tomorrow, in fact. We love shining the light on great things happening in our own backyard, however.

For more information about what makes New Port Richey such a beautiful place to live, to schedule a test drive with a bike-friendly Kia van or SUV or to apply to Friendly Kia’s hyper-exclusive secret society/bike group, the SOUL WARRIORS, contact us today!

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