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What is the Best Car Color Available?

Most and Least Popular Car Color Options in 2021 

For many of us, deciding on a paint color for our next vehicle is one of the most fun parts of picking out a new vehicle. But did you know that the color you pick for your vehicle actually plays a significant role in many different aspects of your vehicle? From the residual value of your car to what interiors you can get to even what trim levels you can get, the color of your car plays a significant role in the overall experience of your vehicle.  

As you search for your next vehicle, you might be wondering what the best car color available is and which option will best benefit you in the long run. Do you go with a bright cherry red or a toned-down silver or gray? To help you choose, here are the most and least popular car color options in 2021 and how those colors affect your vehicle.  

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Most Popular Car Colors 2021 

  • Black 
  • White 
  • Gray 
  • Silver 
  • Blue 
  • Red 

Least Popular Car Colors 2021

  • Green 
  • Orange 
  • Purple 
  • Gold 
  • Beige 

How Does Car Color Affect Resale Value? 

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When you’re 16 picking the brightest color possible for your vehicle may seem like the best way to express yourself. But now in your 20s or 30s, you might be thinking more about how that color option for your new car will affect its resale value.  

If you are looking for the best resale value for your vehicle, then sticking to a more neutral color option is your best bet. Colors like silvers, reds, and blue often will keep a good chunk of their value. On the other hand, yellows and other bright options may not get you the same return on your investment as a more traditional car color depending on where you are looking to sell your vehicle.  

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Neutral car colors continue to dominate the automotive market for both new and used vehicles. Are you thinking of getting a more popular color option, like black or white, or are you looking to step outside of the box and go for a yellow or green car? Whatever color option you like best is the one that will make your new vehicle worth it all. Come test drive your next colorful Kia model here at Friendly Kia in New Port Richey, FL.