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While Other Warranties Sing the Blues, Kia Plays Smooth Jazz

Kia Warranty Vs. Competition

If you’ve ever bought something store with no return policy you’ve probably felt a twinge of anxiety over your decision. After all, there are several things that can go wrong on even the simplest article of clothing or piece of material. Imagine how magnified that emotion gets when it’s a $25,000 purchase that you’re financing for four, five or six years.

Vehicle warranties give you peace of mind. By protecting your purchase from any defects, however, manufacturers aren’t just helping you, they’re taking responsibility for something they’ve made. The length of an automotive warranty communicates more than just a manufacturer’s willingness to help you out of a jam, it is a direct signal of how much a manufacturer believes in their product.

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With Kia recently taking the “highest-ranked, mass-market brand for quality” prize from J.D. Power (for the fourth year in a row), we think it’s important to highlight the fact that Kia makes great cars and then backs them up with an industry-leading warranty.

Which Car Company Has the Best Warranty?

This is more than just a fair question to ask. It’s a great question to ask. After all, with the average length of vehicle ownership being between five and six years, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your car and having to pay for it for most of those years.

If something goes wrong, and the car is no longer covered, you’re on your own.

Here’s how the warranty coverages compare between vehicle manufacturers!

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As you can see, Kia comes out on top. The only warranty that matches Kia’s is from their cousins, Hyundai, who short the roadside assistance available to the Genesis line by two years. Unlike Hyundai, Kia’s premium models like the Stinger and upcoming Telluride are badged the same so they’re covered the same.

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Kia doesn’t just make amazing vehicles, they make amazing vehicles that have fun personalities and reliable track-records and then they back them up with an industry-leading warranty that provides superior bumper-to-bumper coverage to nearly all of their competitors and superior powertrain coverage.

Additionally, if you wind up with a flat tire or a dead battery, Kia has your back for half a decade.

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