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March Mania 4: Kia Vs. Toyota

Kia Vs. Toyota Model Lineup Comparison

With March being such a competition-focused month, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compare Kia to some of the manufacturer’s biggest competitors in the mass-market space. Be sure to check out our past issues comparing Kia with Honda, Nissan and Hyundai. Kia’s matchup today, however, is against arguably the biggest mass-market brand in the automotive industry. The old adage that says, “if you aim for the king, you better not miss” has never been more true.

Let’s see if Kia misses.

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As you can see in the above chart, Kia has a very different philosophy regarding their lineup to Toyota. For Toyota, offering plenty of choices means providing several models whose segments overlap (Need a third-row SUV? You have the Highlander, 4Runner, Sequoia and Land Cruiser.). For Kia, a streamlined product line means nothing isn’t getting the attention and love it deserves.

For instance, the newest Sorento was introduced just a few years ago but has already received a striking facelift with the 2019 model year. The 4Runner and Sequoia have remained unchanged for years. You never want to feel like a model you’re shopping is an afterthought. Kia hits the “just right” number of available options in several popular segments. They may even have a pickup truck on the way.

Designer Appeal

While Toyota offers more models and has earned historical reverence for their consistent track-record, the Kia we’ve known for the past decade can’t be beaten on value. Beyond simply offering more standard features, more economic starting prices and fuel-efficient powertrains, Kia’s mission seems to be letting drivers take pride in their vehicle no matter how much they spent on it.

Look at this comparison between the two manufacturers’ subcompact cars, for instance:

2019 kia rio hatchback in red

Kia Rio Hatchback (2019)

2019 toyota yaris in blue hatchback

Toyota Yaris Hatchback (2019)

Call us, biased, but it’s no contest. This comparison goes up through the lineup. While the Camry has adopted a brand-new look that can best be described as…”unique,” the Kia Optima cuts a coupe-like profile that is sporty and sophisticated.

white 2019 kia optima

Kia Optima (2019)

red toyota camry

Toyota Camry (2019)

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Kia’s legacy is all about shaking up, disrupting and terrifying the status quo. With models whose names are synonymous with unchallenging “easy” choices, it doesn’t get more status quo than Toyota.

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