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Kias You Can’t Buy: The Kia Venga

Kia Venga USA Availability

For only 0.94 a can, you can buy something called Delicious Vegetarian Hot Spicy Mushroom Sauce. It sounds weird, but it’s one of the tastiest sauces ever produced by human hands. The catch? You must order it from China through a website that ships items in quantities of 100+ overseas on a giant boat. If that doesn’t seem like a huge deterrent, you’re probably pretty used to ordering things online.

In the age of the internet, everything is available if you’re willing to pay for it. We can order merino wool blankets from Scotland, artisan incense burners from Malaysia and a custom djembe drum from West Africa in one shopping cart. Everything has a price.

Sadly, import regulations mean there are plenty of cars that just aren’t available to North America regardless of how much money you’re willing to pony up for shipping and importing. Those limits typically expire at 25 years, but manufacturers are making great and weird and unique models NOW that you just can’t buy.

Highlighting these unique models is the purpose of this new category on our blog. We’re going to be showing off some of the unique and interesting models that are available in other markets, highlighting their ties to Kia innovation and then showing you photos right from the Kia website in the markets they’re available.

What is the Kia Venga?

The Kia Venga is a compact MPV (multipurpose vehicle) exclusively available in the European market. It features a five-door design and is slightly longer (.4” length, 2.5” wheelbase) than the Kia Rio hatchback. It’s also 6” taller than the Rio hatchback, cutting a silhouette more like a subcompact minivan than a hatchback car.

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You’ll notice the signature “tiger’s nose” grille on the front with a planted downward-facing side shoulder line. The hatch opens wide to allow 52.5 cubic-feet of space worth of cargo in the back. It’s available with a 1.4L diesel engine, 1.6L gasoline engine or 1.4L gasoline engine putting out 88 horsepower (1.4L diesel and 1.4L gasoline) or 123 horsepower (1.6L gasoline).

Power is not the central reason for drivers to purchase the Venga. It’s a compact and efficient vehicle with a primary focus on delivering a space that feels bigger on the inside than the outside. The smaller 1.4L engine delivers up to 50 mpg, despite its paltry horsepower offering.

See the Kia Venga in these images below!

front three quarter view of Kia Venga

side view of kia venga

cargo space of kia venga

kia venga interior

As you can see from the images above, the Kia Venga is another vehicle born from a manufacturer that listens to the market and crafts vehicles accordingly. Do we think the Venga would survive in the United States? It’s unlikely. The power is just not enough for the long stretches of highway that are required driving for most vehicles in the United States.

But it’s a perfect vehicle for many Europeans who look to Kia for a small car that provides plenty of interior refinement, cargo space and efficiency. We doubt you’ll be trying to import the Venga anytime soon, but it serves as a great reminder that Kia builds their cars to solve problems.

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