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What’s Going on With the Kia Pickup Truck?

Kia Truck Updates U.S. Release Date and Availability 

Kia has been a great model for the automotive market as it continues to tailor its lineup of vehicles to meet the needs of its consumers. Nearly every mark has been hit on by Kia, from its small but mighty cars to its midsize sedans to powerhouse SUVs and new multi-purpose vehicles. One area, though, that the U.S. market has been waiting for is the Kia pickup truck.  

Back in 2019 we addressed the rumors surrounding the arrival of the long-awaited truck and now with a full year between then and now, everyone’s wondering what’s going on with the Kia pickup truck. So, let’s not wait another minute longer – here are the updates on the Kia truck, its U.S. release date, and upcoming availability.  

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Where is the Kia Truck? 

Pixelated Kia Truck

After first hitting on the news of the Kia truck in 2019, the question on everyone’s mind is – where is the Kia truck? We’re starting to wonder if the Kia truck is following in the footsteps of Carmen Sandiego and keeping everyone on their toes as to where it will pop up.  

The latest news surrounding the Kia truck is that it has its sights set on a release Down Under. The brand’s Chief Operating Officer for Australia has confirmed that the first stop for the Kia truck will be in Australia, appealing to the public with its body-on-frame design. This design means that the Kia pickup won’t be built like the lifestyle trucks built by Honda, which uses a unibody design frame. The Kia pickup truck is set to be a pure-bred pickup with plenty of power beneath the hood.  

Will Kia Release a Kia Truck in 2021? 

According to the Australian segment’s confirmation of the eventual arrival of the Kia truck, Kia is expected to release the Kia truck in Australia in 2022 or 2023, with the rumored Hyundai Santa Cruz releasing around the same time.  

Kia Truck U.S. Availability 

So far, we have only received confirmation that the Kia truck will release in Australia. For the U.S. market right now, we are holding out hope that Kia will bring its long-awaited pickup truck onto our shore. The Kia brand has yet to comment on the U.S. availability of the Kia truck, but our team is hopeful that in time we’ll see the Kia truck here on the Friendly Kia lot.  

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The highly-anticipated Kia truck will soon make its debut to the world and automotive market – at least in Australia. In regard to the U.S. release date and availability of the Kia truck, only time will tell. Stay tuned to the Friendly Kia blog for more updates on the arrival of a Kia pickup truck here in the U.S. For more information on our current lineup of Kia models, head over to our research portal.