Kia Telluride truck mockup

Where is that Rumored Kia Truck?

Kia Truck Release Date and Rumors

We like to split our time here on the Friendly Kia Blog between showing what is in the form of current model specs, features, comparisons etc. and what could be in the form of Kia concepts, Kias You Can’t Buy in the United States and more. As a brand with both two feet on the ground and a head in the clouds, Kia has mastered the art of remaining aspirational and thought-leading without ever overpromising.

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One of the models which is still in the purely hypothetical realm is the Kia Truck. Now, we have some good reasons to believe that Kia will end up producing a small, unibody truck in the United States. We may even see it built on the same platform as the Kia Telluride SUV.

Is There or Isn’t There Going to be a Kia Truck?

Without any further announcement from Kia, it’s easy to dismiss the momentum of the Kia truck rumor as nothing more than a fantasy for drivers who want a small, high-value pickup truck that would undoubtedly be loaded with tech and have an industry-best warranty.

However, we still think there are a lot of good reasons for Kia to develop one. Among them:

  • With gas prices being low and fuel economy on the rise for big vehicles, demand is higher-than-ever for pickup trucks.
  • Smaller pickups are taking off with the new Ford Ranger joining the market and a Volkswagen model announced for next year.
  • All of Kia’s Japanese competitors make one.
  • Most of Kia’s foreign competition in this field would be over $30,000 starting MSRP. This would allow Kia to do what they’ve always done best- offer more for less.
  • Kia already has a platform for it with the 2020 Kia Telluride and it’s 5000 lbs. of towing.

mocked up Kia Telluride pickup truck

It’s pretty bad, we know. This is why we’re not paid vehicle designers at Kia.

We’ll Let You Know When We Do!

Ultimately, we don’t know whether Kia will choose to capitalize on the opportunity they have to move 1,000,000 pickup trucks. Knowing that they’re savvy about the market, however. We can’t see why they wouldn’t. This is especially bolstered by Hyundai’s seeming fast-tracking of the Santa Cruz pickup for next year.

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