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Why Should I Rotate My Tires?

Kia Tire Health, Rotations, and Replacements Tampa Bay FL 

Have you ever been at a vehicle service appointment for your Kia Soul and been asked if you’d like your tires rotated? If you have, you might have wondered why your vehicle’s tires need to be rotated in the first place. Below we are going over Kia tire health, rotations, and replacements to give you insight on why vehicle tire health is so important here in Tampa Bay, FL. Learn more in our guide from the Friendly Kia service team.  

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Why Should Tires Be Rotated? 

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Tire rotations should happen every 5,000 miles or so, which often lands around when it is time for your vehicle’s oil to be changed. Regular tire rotations can help give you a look at the health of your vehicle’s tires, check their tread, and rebalance them if necessary.  

Your vehicle’s tires should be rotated to help ensure that their wear is spread evenly across the tires, maximizing their tread life. Not only do tire rotations help offer longevity in your tires but it can help reduce wear on various other components in your Kia.  

Kia Tire Services at Friendly Kia 

During your next vehicle maintenance appointment at Friendly Kia be sure to speak with a member of our team about getting your vehicle’s tires rotated. From there our team can assess the overall health of your tires and give you guidance on when your tires will likely need their next replacement. Learn more about the different Kia tire services at Friendly Kia on our information page.  

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You can book your Kia vehicle’s service appointment online today using our online scheduling tools. From there you can add in specific services you want to be addressed or any questions you have about the health of your vehicle. Our team looks forward to getting your vehicle running like new.