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Full-Size Kia Telluride SUV Set for Production

Kia Telluride Release Date and Information

If they made a talking doll out of us at Friendly Kia, chances are one of its many phrases would be “Kia listens.” We say it all the time and it’s true! More than any other company in the automotive market, Kia has built a reputation for giving drivers what they want. Drivers said they wanted a luxury car that could outperform German and Japanese luxury brands, and Kia gave them the Cadenza.

Drivers wanted horsepower and rear-wheel drive in a sensible sedan that was also reliable and full of storage space, and Kia gave them the Stinger. More than just a limited-run nod to driving enthusiasts, the 2018 Kia Stinger has lit up automotive publications and testing agencies, becoming one of the most praised cars on the market.

Drivers wanted a minivan that doesn’t look like a handheld vacuum cleaner or an extraterrestrial shark, and Kia gave them the 2018 Sedona that features a luxurious and refined design for a class that has historically demanded neither.

When you listen to people, sometimes they say things which you may not initially like. With the Sorento being the largest Kia crossover/SUV, drivers have said they’d like to have more space in their third-row SUV and, like they have always done, Kia has listened.

Will Kia Make the Telluride SUV?

Weeks ago, we highlighted the Kia Telluride concept in a guest blog we published written by none other than Ebenezer Scrooge himself.

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In this fun and informative post, we showed off the Kia Telluride as a luxury third-row SUV. The Telluride is larger than the Sorento, offering more extravagant interior passenger space and cargo volume. Debuting in 2016 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Kia Telluride was none other than a concept to illustrate Kia’s technical prowess and luxury styling abilities at the time of the blog post’s publication.

Well, have we got some news for you! Rumors, with sources at Kia, seem to be swirling around the Kia Telluride entering production, and we can’t wait! It looks like the Ghost of Kia Future showed Ebenezer a timeline in which we will all get to live – a timeline that includes the decadent Kia Telluride hybrid luxury SUV.

kia telluride exterior isometric view in front of mansion home

With famed designer Peter Schreyer at the helm, Kia has a solid track record of carrying eye-catching concept designs into production.

isometric view of kia telluride concept interior

The interior is where we’re likely to see the most changes,
bringing the Telluride in line with modern automobiles.

What We Know About the Kia Telluride

First things first, we don’t yet know if Kia will be releasing the Telluride this year, for the model year 2019, or if they will wait until next year for the model year 2020. Considering how fast the two years since we first saw the Telluride have gone by, we expect the time between now and when we have a Telluride on our lot to fly-by.

Although this isn’t Kia’s first shot at an SUV that provides more passenger space and cargo volume than the Sorento (see: the Kia Borrego), the Kia Telluride brings a fresh and sophisticated design to a class that includes chunky, overdesigned vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser and Chevrolet Tahoe.

Based on the concept’s design, the Telluride doesn’t seem to have a problem identifying itself. It’s a luxurious and decadent alternative to (what we assume to be) higher-priced competitors like the Infinity QX80 and Mercedes-Benz G-Class. We prefer the design over both with its Sorento-inspired front end and squared-off muscular proportions.

Kia Telluride Release Date

All of that to say, we don’t know when the Kia Telluride will show up on our lot, but of course, we’ll have more information available on our blog whenever it is we learn more.

The relationship we, at Friendly Kia, enjoy with Kia Motors is a mutually-beneficial one. We sell their cars and they provide us with everything we need to make that job as easy as possible (including, a full lineup of award-winning vehicles). Today, we’re going to flip the script and give Kia something they can use to market this beautiful giant.

“You can’t ride in peak luxury, ‘til you ride in a Telluride.”

Hello, Kia? Are you there?

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