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When Should I Change the Oil in my Kia Sportage?

Kia Sportage Oil Change Interval and Frequency

If you’re looking for comfortable, economic and surprisingly capable transportation, the Kia Sportage is the ticket. As a compact SUV with plenty of interior space, a luxurious interior and something unheard of in the compact SUV segment – personality – the Kia Sportage has been a class favorite for decades.

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With an industry-best engine warranty, the Kia Sportage has another huge benefit in that it is an economic vehicle to keep and upkeep. With any gasoline engine, however, one of the most important aspects of its ongoing function is also the one that requires the most frequent vigilance. That’s right, we’re talking about oil changes.

Why Does My Car Need Its Oil Changed?

Oil helps your car in a few ways. The first, and arguably most important, is that oil keeps the metal within your engine lubricated to prevent it sheering against the internal components, overheating and/or ripping the engine apart from the inside.

Aside from that, circulating engine oil helps disperse heat throughout the engine, again preventing overheating and warping/destruction.

Over time, your engine oil picks up bits of included matter and loses its lubricating viscous qualities, making it no longer effective at lubricating the metal inside the engine or properly dispersing heat. For this reason, manufacturers have recommended mileage and date ratings for when your engine oil will need to be changed.

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Kia Sportage Oil Change Interval

Most Kia Sportage models that have been sold since 1995 require their oil to be changed every 5,000 miles. Some models had extended intervals of 7,500 miles, so it is important to consult your owner’s manual to verify when you should be calling head to schedule.

With the Kia Sportage being such a powerful legacy model, it’s important to mind maintenance and scheduled service intervals. If you are looking to schedule service on your Kia Sportage in the Tampa Bay region, we’d love to help. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is one of the reasons we’re the only Kia dealership in Tampa Bay to have been invited into the Kia Motors America President’s Club this year and the year before that and the year before that.

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