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Does Kia Offer Remote Start?

Kia Remote Start Model Availability

If you have friends or family in the Northeast or Midwest, you know that communication with them usually involves some off-the-cuff comment about how jealous they are of the weather we get to enjoy in West Central Florida.

It’s true, barring a few spells that see us dip down into the 40s (40s by the way that people in Wisconsin are praying for every day of the week), our weather is great. We all know that the summer months can see it get a little bit more hot and humid than is maybe comfortable. Combine that with a dark interior car and/or leather seating and now you’re talking about getting into a sticky leather sauna after work.

Sunshades for your windshield do manage to help, but they’re also unsightly.

There is another option that doesn’t involve lugging around a gigantic piece of foil that only covers one window. We’re talking about an alternative way to stave off the getting-cooked-alive-at-400°-for-15-minutes blues.

We’re talking about remote start.

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Good for the Heat and the Cold

Down here in Florida, we may not get the daily Penny Saver advertisements for aftermarket remote start systems like they do up in Burlington, Vermont or Menasha, Wisconsin, but we also have some extreme temperatures that can see remote start ease the discomfort of getting into a toasty car.

A remote start system allows you to turn your Kia vehicle on from a set distance. This both gets your engine properly warmed or cooled, but also will engage your climate control system allowing your car to be pre-heated or pre-cooled before you enter.

This is done with a remote or a smartphone app.

Which Kia Vehicles Include Remote Start?

As a dealer-installed option, remote start can be added to most Kia vehicles. For this reason, it’s important to check with a Kia-certified dealership if the vehicle you’re interested in can support the antenna and starting mechanism.

The only Kia that includes remote start out-of-the-box is the ultra-luxury K900.

Another way to achieve the climate control head-start ends is the Kia UVO eco app. Certain Kia models including the Kia Soul EV, Kia Optima Plug-In Hybrid and Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid allow you to set charging times and pre-warm-up/cool-down your compatible Kia model through an app.

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Aside from the convenience, Kia UVO eco has the added benefit of working over cellular networks and therefore being able to be controlled remotely without a limit on distance like a remote start system would have.

Here at Friendly Kia, we’re big fans of the standard and available technology Kia puts in all of their vehicles. If you have specific questions about the models mentioned, remote start technology or anything at all Kia related, we’d love to help!

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