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Kias You Can’t Buy in the US: The Kia pro_cee’d

Kia pro_cee’d U.S. Release Date and Availability

If there are two things that can be said about Kia, it’s that they understand their markets and they like to give their vehicles strange names. Sure, the North American market is a bit of an exception to that second post as Kia’s here have names that all work to describe and flesh out the personality of the vehicle with their badge.

Named for a town in Italy, the Sorento is stylish and social. Named for the Italian word for strong/loud, the Forte is a compact sedan that gives you more than its myriad competitors. Named for a colorful and whimsical beach-front city, the Kia Rio is light-hearted and focused on delivering fun, urban adventures.

Other markets don’t have it so lucky. Take the European market, where the Kia pro_cee’d gives a headache to writers everywhere trying to maintain Kia’s stylistic intent. Strange name aside, the pro_cee’d is as much an indicator of Kia’s first defining trait, their ability to learn, listen and deliver vehicles to the market, as it is their ability to creatively name them.

What is the Kia pro_cee’d?

The Kia pro_cee’d is a two-door hatchback coupe version of the Kia Cee’d. While the Kia Cee’d looks a bit like the Kia Forte5, it’s a unique vehicle designed and marketed specifically for the European market (if you’re reading this to find out when it’s available in the U.S., bad news…). The name Cee’d comes Kia’s celebration over the compact’s European genesis.

After all, to make it to market in countries like Germany, Greece and the United Kingdom, the Cee’d had to pass the regulations of the European Economic community (known as CEE in many places). The letters ED denote European Design. Combining the two initials, Kia was left with CEEED, which just gave me a headache to type. In an act of unprecedented mercy to automotive writers, Kia shortened the name to Cee’d.

According to the pro_cee’d’s homepage on Kia’s UK site, the mission of the Kia pro_cee’d is to give drivers a “comfortable and stylish coupe that’s packed with tech.”

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Sometimes referred to as “shooting brakes,” three-door coupes aren’t anything new. German manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz and BMW have produced them for years and marketed them almost-exclusively to the European market.

Kia pro_cee’d Variants

Available in three variants: 2, GT and GT-Line S, the UK-model Kia pro_cee’d ranges in price from £18,155 to £21,880 (about $25,449 to $30,670 at time of publication). This makes it closer to the price of the Kia Optima than the Kia Forte5.

As midsize sedans are uncommon in the European market, manufacturers work to load the same level of tech that is standard in larger cars in America into smaller ones. Looking at the pro_cee’d’s trim level feature set, it is closer to that of the Optima than that of the Forte5.

Like many European cars, the pro_cee’d is available with both gasoline and diesel engines. Gasoline engines are available in a turbocharged 1.0L variant or naturally-aspirated 1.6L variants (delivering 118- and 133-horsepower respectively). The 1.6L diesel engine maxes out its horsepower at 134.

The pro_cee’d GT gets up to 201 horsepower.

Despite the pro_cee’d’s small size, it does get over 40 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded – even more than some subcompacts in the North American market.

Kia pro_cee’d Images

Enough talking, though. Let’s look at the dang thing!

kia pro_cee'd driving with front three quarter view

Kia pro_cee'd on roof of parking garage

2018 Kia Pro-cee'd interior from passenger window

kia cee'd and pro_cee'd driving side by side on rural farm road

Kia pro_cee’d North American Release Date

As we stated above, the Kia pro_cee’d is not, and probably will never come to America. It’s a perfect example of Kia’s locally-researched and adapted lineup that doesn’t have a vacancy to fill in Kia’s North American lineup. Currently, both the Kia Rio 5-door and Kia Forte5 offer the kind of performance, efficiency and urban spirit that the Kia pro_cee’d embodies across the pond.

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