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Will Kia Ever Produce and Release the Kia POP?

Kia POP Release Date and Likelihood of Production

Although the Kia of the late 1990s and early 2000s was an organization primarily concerned with value in the vehicles they made, the Kia of today is a future-thinking juggernaut that aims to deliver unbeatable value courtesy of safety, dependability, style and a massive set of standard features.

For modern Kia, that means taking chances with weird and convention-shattering automotive engineering and design. The best place to see this at work is in the fleet of Kia concept vehicles.

One of our favorite concept cars Kia has ever produced is the Kia POP – a delightful, 3-seat, micro-car for urban driving that marked one of the first projects undertaken by new acquisition Peter Schreyer when it debuted in 2010.

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Shorter than 10 feet long, the Kia POP is designed to be parked anywhere. It also has a fully-electric powertrain that sees the small vehicle get up to 100 miles of uninterrupted travel on a full charge. A statement piece, or artwork, as much as a functional ride, the Kia POP entered the world letting it know that “the Kia POP is ready for the future whenever the future is ready for the Kia POP.”

It’s small. It’s quirky. Best of all, it’s seemingly built for a growing segment of the population and could likely be one of the more unique and interesting electric vehicles on the road in the not-too-distant future.

kia pop front three quarter view with doors raised

kia pop rear three quarter view

kia pop chrome profile shot

kia pop interior shot

Kia POP Release Date

So, the question then becomes: Will Kia ever produce the Kia POP?

Probably not. Although Kia actualized the concept behind the POP to show exactly what the future of the brand could look like with regards to elements they would incorporate, the POP, itself, is just not a size class that has performed well in the North American market.

Additionally, some of the POP’s design language has translated into the Kia Soul and especially the electric variant of the 2020 Kia Soul which will likely receive nearly three times the range of the POP concept.

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If the Kia POP does surprise us with a release, we’ll be right there cheering it on and fawning over its very, very weird combination of form and color. If such an event happens, you can read about it first right here on the Friendly Kia blog.

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