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Kias You Can’t Buy in the U.S.: The Kia Pegas

Kia Pegas U.S. Release Date and Availability

Here in the United States, we’ve grown to love the Kia Rio and its subcompact charm. Slotting in below the compact Forte and above that nice 10-speed bike you got for your 12th birthday, the Kia Rio offers drivers an uncommon number of features and an uncommon amount of functionality in a class known only for its bargain pricing.

The Kia Rio is a high-value model that has overcome even its cousin, the 2019 Hyundai Accent through standard features like an efficient, yet zippy, 1.6L engine, standard automatic transmission and a functional hatchback version that lets you bring more stuff along.

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What you may not know is that, while the Kia Rio is a seemingly-perfect subcompact sedan/hatchback in our country, other markets are driving another small Kia wonder.

Kia Pegas Specs and Details

Manufactured in China and available to the Chinese, Egyptian and Philippine markets, the Kia Pegas is a B-segment (read: subcompact) sedan that aims to offer Kia’s striking design and myriad features to drivers looking for a small and efficient city car. In the Philippines, the Kia Pegas is called the Kia Soluto.

As a front-wheel-drive sedan, the Kia Pegas features a 1.4L MPI 4-cylinder engine that delivers a whopping 94 horsepower and 95 lb-ft. of torque. Drivers can choose between a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission and those seeking cargo volume will find just enough with the Pegas’ 16.8 cubic feet of space.

The Kia Pegas rides on either 14-inch steel or 14-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, the Kia Pegas has plenty of standard and available tech to help make the small car feel bigger. A 7-inch display with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capability is on hand as is climate control, signature illumination and more.

Kia Pegas and Kia Soluto Photo Gallery

exterior front three quarter view of kia pegas

interior dashboard layout of kia pegas

rear three quarter view of kia soluto and kia pegas

cutaway profile view of seating in kia pegas sedan

Will the Kia Pegas Be Available in the United States?

We’d have to say “no” about this one. With the Kia Rio already holding the spot of subcompact or B-segment car, we don’t think there’s much room for the Kia Pegas to compete. Despite the myriad benefits afforded by sedans, drivers seem to be moving on to subcompact crossovers instead of three-box cars.

If it does make the jump, you know you’ll be able to find more information about it right here on the Friendly Kia Blog. If you have questions about Kia’s lineup in the United States or would like to schedule a test drive with the competent and confident Kia Rio, contact us today!

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