2020 kia telluride steering wheel with blurred badge

Does Kia Have a New Logo Coming Out This Year?

Kia New Logo for 2020

As far as brand reclamation goes, Kia has done an incredible job over the past ten years of seeing its brand perception switch from low-price, low-feature vehicles to market challengers that actively shape the automotive industry through innovation and style.

Although a lot about Kia has changed (check out our Family Tree series to see how much models like the Sportage and Kia Soul have evolved), one important aspect of the brand’s identity has remained constant. If we’re honest with ourselves and the voices of people around us, it’s also pretty much the only thing the brand has left to improve.

We’re talking about the Kia badge.

Kia Badge and Logo History

The Kia badge and logo have been a part of the brand since before its North American debut in the late 1990s. A product of Kia’s badge-engineering at the time, the oval Kia badge was rumored to have been designed so that it could be swapped out either way for the oval Ford and oval Hyundai badges, with whom Kia shared platforms upon its debut.

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While Kia has invested significant work in reclaiming the name Kia back from the bygone perception of the brand as a strictly value-focused one, the badge is still a remnant of the little cars that were often outdone and undone by Japanese and domestic competition. None of this is to say anything about the logo’s overall lack of evocative design. It’s fine in the way that Kia vehicles used to be fine.

The new Kia brand, however, is dynamic and interesting. It’s cutting-edge and industry-shaping. For that reason, automotive experts and Kia fans agree that Kia needs a new badge and 2020 seems to be the year that this call will be answered.

What Will the New Kia Badge Look Like?

Believe it or not, you’ve already seen the badge that has been leaked on Kia’s upcoming K5/Optima car. It was first seen on the Kia Habaniro and Kia Imagine concepts from last year.

rear of Kia imagine crossover
steering wheel in kia imagine concept
Kia Imagine Concept
steering wheel in kia habaniro concept
Kia Habaniro Concept

Wow! We love the new Kia badge. Especially with the lighting the concept vehicles provide, it’s futuristic and simple while keeping one foot planted in history. We can’t wait to see it on a production vehicle.

What Vehicle Will Have the New Kia Badge?

Photos are currently circulating with the 2021 Kia K5/Optima sporting the new badge. With this model arriving by spring or early summer, we think it will be sooner than later that we see it. A surprising twist could also have the Kia Seltos serving as the vessel with which Kia chooses to display this updated branding and aesthetic, the way they selected the Kia Telluride to debut the brand’s new slogan last year.

Whatever the case, we’ll be sure to report anything once we see or hear it.

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