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Is Kia Luxury Brand?

Kia Motors Luxury Vehicles 

While the Kia brand has dipped its toes into the luxury pool and brought us a variety of luxury-inspired vehicles, Kia is not a traditional luxury brand. Shoppers around Tampa Bay can find a variety of luxurious vehicles in the Kia lineup, especially with the edition of the updated Kia Cadenza and Kia Telluride, and the addition of the Kia K5.  

The Kia brand makes affording vehicles that look high-end easy by keeping prices affordable and add-on option packages accessible. This guide from Friendly Kia is going to cover some of the standout Kia Motors luxury vehicles that can be found here on our New Port Richey lot.  

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Luxury Features at a Mass-Market Price 

Interior view of 2021 Kia Telluride

The Kia brand is known for offering shoppers vehicles that are not only incredibly affordable but ones that offer features and systems that aren’t often found in mass-market vehicles. While most automotive manufacturers offer luxury badges to differentiate their affordable mass-market vehicles from their higher-end offerings, Kia keeps it simple and brings everything together into one lineup.  

Instead of separating desirable from affordable, Kia has found a way to integrate luxury-inspired features and higher-end comforts into its lineup of vehicles. The Kia brand brings in-demand features into all of its vehicles, as opposed to holding them back from mass-market vehicles like many competitors. By keeping all of its vehicles in one line, Kia is able to add any features it wants into its new vehicles, without holding anything back. 

Telluride Offers Luxury in the Making 

One of the best examples of the Kia brand’s commitment to bringing luxury-inspired elements and in-demand features to all of its models is the Kia Telluride. Not only did the Telluride bring an ultra-wide infotainment touchscreen and heated seating throughout the cabin, but it did so with an affordable price tag.  

The Telluride isn’t the only Kia vehicle to bring in standout features. A full range of in-demand options can be found throughout the lineup in vehicles such as the K5, Stinger, Soul, Sorento, and more.  

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So, while the Kia brand is not technically a luxury brand, that doesn’t mean you won’t find luxury within every model in the Kia lineup. Find your next luxurious Kia model by visiting the Friendly Kia inventory or by contacting a member of our team today.