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Which 2020 Kia Models Have a CD Player?

Kia Models with CD Player 

At one point in time CD players were all the rage and their addition to vehicles was monumental. These days, as streaming services have taken over and CDs have fallen by the wayside, some vehicles are nixing the inclusion of CD players altogether. One brand following this trend of universal CD player-death is Kia.  

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Now, we know, we know, what are you going to do with that cascading array of top hits CDs floating around in your backseat? The adjustment to new technologies and bidding farewell to reliable systems can be tough. But the inclusion of new systems and services can help to streamline your experience while behind the wheel. 

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Do 2020 Kia Models Have CD Players? 

The simple answer to this question is no. None of the 2020 Kia models come equipped with a CD player, meaning that collection of CDs sliding around the floor of your vehicle will be better off on a shelf in your house than riding around in your Kia.

Just like other vehicle brands, Kia has been slowing removing CD players from its new vehicles and now in the 2020 model year, none of its models offer the technology. Instead of the now-outdated technology, Kia has included the latest audio and infotainment technology in each of its 2020 models.  

What Other Infotainment Features Do Kia Models Offer? 

All 2020 Kia models come equipped with a standard touch-screen audio display interface that ranges from 7 inches to as large as 12.3 inches in base models. Each member of the 2020 lineup features Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ connectivity along with Bluetooth®, auxiliary connections, and an AM/FM Radio. The hands-free smartphone integration in each of these 2020 Kia models allows drivers to interact with their devices safely while behind the wheel, meaning the struggle of shuffling through CDs to pick the right one is a thing of the past.  

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