Kia logo written with and surrounded by fireworks

Why Did Kia Change Their Logo?

Kia Logo Redesign Meaning

A logo is a vital component of any business and its successes or failures. A successful logo has to convey a great deal of information, from the obvious (its name) to the more subtle, like what it sells and what the business wants to plant in your head about them, Inception-style. If you’ve driven past Friendly Kia in the Tampa area or even just perused our site recently, you may have noticed that Kia has updated its logo. But why? We wanted to take a closer look at the Kia logo redesign meaning to find the answers. 

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The New Kia Logo and Slogan Explained 

Usually when a new logo is unveiled, it isn’t just because the company decided willy-nilly that it was time for something different to slap onto the products. It’s generally the visual representation of an updated philosophy or purpose—a serious change in the branding. That is the case with Kia, which designed its new logo to reflect its values and what it intends to promise customers now and in the future.  

Kia logo in black and white

The new slogan is, “Movement that inspires.” With that in mind, Kia adjusted its three-letter logo to include what it calls “symmetry,” “rhythm,” and “rising” elements. The Kia letters are now unbroken, remaining together in a more rhythmic way. Having to write it out on paper would mean the letters never separate, which is meant to convey Kia’s commitment to inspiring its customers. The lettering also has a more symmetrical look, which is meant to convey a sense of confidence. Finally, you can see some rising elements as well, and that symbolizes Kia’s ambitions and aspirations for what it can do in the always competitive automotive world. 

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What do you think of this brand-new logo? Does it change your perceptions to know the reasons behind why the logo looks the way it looks? Either way, we can’t help but appreciate the sentiment behind these logo changes, and we are excited to see what Kia holds for the future of its lineup. 

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