Kia Imagine Concept

Will Kia Make the Imagine Concept?

Kia Imagine EV Production and Release Date 

What first was unveiled nearly a year ago at the 2019 Geneva Auto Show will soon spawn into a living being. Well, as much of a living being as a vehicle can become. The Kia Imagine EV concept vehicle, which at one point in time was expected to stay in the concept phase, is soon going to become the brand’s high-performance flagship model. 

While Kia is set to make the Imagine Concept model, it likely will not carry the Imagine name over to the production version. Get more details on this EV model’s production and release date below.  

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What’s Special About the Kia Imagine EV? 

Kia Imagine Concept

The Kia Imagine is set to be the brand’s first super high-performance vehicle and will hit the streets in a sedan-crossover form. The Kia brand continues to make waves with its style choices for new vehicles, so it is expected that the final design of the Imagine model will be head-turning.  

Kia stylists have suggested at the final design being something reminiscent of a muscular SUV paired with the convenience of a family mover and the spaciousness of a crossover. The Imagine concept vehicle is set to be fitted with a pure EV architecture that will support more powerful electric offerings. This technology will allow the Imagine to travel further and for longer, with the ultimate goal of hitting a 500-mile range.  

When Will the Kia Imagine Release? 

Kia has announced that the Imagine will see a 2021 debut, which means it will likely make its market release in 2022. It is uncertain currently what countries will see the Imagine in their showrooms, meaning the vehicle’s arrival in the United States is still up in the air.  

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Regardless of whether the Imagine makes its way to the U.S., we at Friendly Kia are excited for the potential this concept vehicle is offering. Stay tuned to the Friendly Kia blog for additional updates on upcoming Kia models, concept models, and brand news.  

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