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Kia Gives Out Scholarships for The Third Consecutive Year

What Scholarships Does Kia Give Away? 

Have you heard of the Great Unknowns Scholarship? It is a yearly scholarship given by Kia America. Scroll down to learn more about this scholarship. You can find Kia vehicles in the Tampa Bay area here at Friendly Kia located in New Port Richey, FL. 

How much is the Great Unknowns Scholarship? 

The Great Unknowns Scholarship gives students $5,000 to put towards their education. This year, Kia chose sixteen recipients, which means that Kia gave away a total of $80,000 in scholarships alone. Since 2019, the program has given away more than $2.5 million to those in need. 

How does Kia choose who to give its scholarships to? 

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Like any scholarship, the recipients were chosen based on a few factors. In this case, the factors for qualifications included financial need, academic performance, and the recipient’s answer to how they were inspired to make a big difference. The recipients also had to be planning to pursue an undergraduate degree in STEAM disciplines which include Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math in order to qualify. 

“Our dedication to innovation extends to the community. We are proud to support talented students in their endeavors to build a better future.”

– Russell Wager, vice president of marketing for Kia America 

Who are the winners of the Great Unknowns Scholarship in 2021? 

In a recent press release from Kia, you can find more information on this year’s winners, including a link to a video that introduces the sixteen winners. We also know that some of the degrees being pursued by the winners include Pre-Med, Engineering, Business Analytics, Neuroscience, and more. We’re happy to see Kia America supporting our community by supporting the people who make it a better place.