Kia Imagine Concept

How Kia Plans to Contribute to the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Kia EV Models and Technology

One of the hottest topics in the automotive industry right now is electrification. Beyond simply the big headline-grabbing (for good and bad reasons) players in the field, every manufacturer is seemingly introducing new electric vehicles or electric variants of current vehicles to the market, hoping to be the brand that successfully challenges the likes of Tesla.

Some manufacturers, like Ford who have announced an electric version of the F-150 truck, have attempted to work their unique market position into their electrification plans. Others have simply committed to partial or full electrification of their lineup by a date in the future.

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Kia EV Development Plans

We know that Kia has both the Kia Soul EV and Kia Niro EV as well as PHEV variants of the Kia Optima and Kia Niro, but is the brand doing anything bigger to help lead the overall conversation regarding electric vehicles?

Well, the answer is yes!

Automotive News Europe spoke with Emilio Herrera, the COO of Kia Europe a few months ago and a couple of important takeaways from that conversation are summarized below (Note: Kia Europe does things a little bit differently than Kia Motors America, while we expect technology to transfer over, some models may not).

  • Kia Ceed and Kia XCeed PHEV – Kia’s unique-to-Europe platform, the Ceed, will be seeing electrification for both its wagon (Ceed) and crossover (XCeed) variants. These models are going to be hitting the European market in Q1 2020. Just when we thought we were running out of material for our tragic and illuminating “Kias You Can’t Buy in the U.S.” featurette
  • Kia Sorento PHEV – YES! We called it! We really hope this one comes to the United States. Apparently, the next-generation Kia Sorento will have a diesel powertrain (in Europe only) and a plug-in hybrid variant, which should allow a limited range of travel before any gasoline is used, making it even more perfect for daily driving.
  • New Battery Electric Vehicle – Herrera mentioned the development of a fully-electric vehicle based on the Kia Imagine concept vehicle that debuted at this past year’s Geneva Auto Show (remember that crazy thing with like 30 screens in it? Yeah…that!).

exterior of kia imagine concept

interior of kia imagine concept

Kia EV Technology Updates

Kia’s made other huge forays in the field of navigating the world of electrified vehicles. For starters, they recently invested in IONITY to help bring more fast-charge access to customers who choose vehicles like the Kia Niro EV, Kia Soul EV or any of the brand’s expanding PHEV models.

Kia also made it possible for drivers who choose an electric vehicle with a charging port (read: non-hybrid) to order their charging stations with installation complete from Finally, late last year, Kia announced they were working with a startup that assists urban customers and those without charging port access by providing wireless charging.

Even as the Industry Changes, Kia Proves to be Industry Leader

As more and more electric vehicles pop up, Kia is taking an approach reflective of the brand’s status as industry challenger and leader.

With exciting PHEV models on the way and a brand-new battery-electric vehicle based on what is, perhaps, the most intriguing concept Kia has put forward since the original Soul Concept over ten years ago, the future is a bright and electric place!

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