Closeup of warning lights on vehicle dashboard

Debunk Your Dashboard: What Do My Kia Vehicle’s Dashboard Lights Mean?

Kia Dashboard Warning Lights Glossary Guide 

If you’ve found that your Kia vehicle has gotten into the holiday spirit by lighting up its dashboard like a Christmas tree, then this guide is for you. Understanding what all the different dashboard lights mean in our Kia vehicles can be tricky and knowing which ones are urgent and which ones can be ignored for a while (it’s okay, we’re all human) can get confusing. This Kia dashboard warning lights glossary guide will give you the different meanings of each dashboard light in your 2021 Kia Forte to help you the next time your Kia dashboard lights up the night.  

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2021 Kia Vehicle Warning Light Indicators 

There are many reasons your Kia vehicle will have a dashboard warning light come on. Your dashboard will clue you in on the performance of your vehicle, as well as the conditions you are driving in. A green light indicates something is turned on, such as your turn signals. A yellow light gives you a warning that something isn’t functioning properly and a red light means that something going on within your vehicle is urgent and needs immediate attention.  

Below we have laid out all of the different 2021 Kia vehicle warning lights as well as their meanings to help you debunk your Kia dashboard.  

Chart of various dashboard symbols with the numbers 1-16 along the top and A and B on the left side

A1 – Speed Limiter Indicator 
A2 – Turn Signal Indicator 
A3 – Active ECO Indicator 
A4 – Front Fog Light Indicator 
A5 – Gasoline Fuel Indicator 
A6 – Tail (Parking) Light Indicator 
A7 – Low Beam Indicator 
A8 – Low Beam Indicator 

A9 – Cruise Indicator 
A10 – Cruise Set Indicator 
A11 – Cruise Indicator  
A12 – Downhill Brake Control Indicator 
A13 – ECO Indicator 
A14 – Auto Stop for Idle Stop and Go System Indicator 
A15 – Auto Hold Indicator 
A16 – Automatic Transaxle Shift Pattern Indicator

B1 – Shift Pattern Indicator 
B2 – Overspeed Warning Light 
B3 – Manual Transaxle Shift Pattern Indicator 
B4 – Low Tire Pressure Monitoring System 
B5 – High Beam Indicator 
B6 – High Beam Indicator 
B7 – Tailgate Open Warning Light 
B8 – Rear Fog Light Indicator 

B9 – Check Engine Indicator Lamp 
B10 – Malfunction Indicator Lamp 
B11 – Low Washer Fluid Level Warning Indicator 
B12 – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Malfunction Indicator 
B13 – Low Fuel Level Warning Light 
B14 – Key Out Warning Light 
B15 – Key Low Battery Indicator 
B16 – Immobilizer Indicator

Chart of various dashboard symbols with the numbers 1-16 along the top and C and D on the left side

C1- Icy Road Warning Light 
C2 – Glow Plug Indicator (Diesel Vehicles only) 
C3 – Electronic Stability Program Indicator 
C4 – Electronic Stability Program Off Indicator 
C5 – Electronic Stability Program Off Indicator 
C6 – Auto Stop for Idle Stop and Go System Indicator 
C7 – Passenger’s Front Airbag Off Indicator 
C8 – Passenger’s Front Airbag Off Indicator

C9 – Adaptive Front Lighting System Malfunction Indicator 
C10 – Anti-lock Brake System Warning Light 
C11 – 4WD LOCK Indicator 
C12 – 4WD System Warning Light 
C13 – Seat Belt Warning Light 
C14 – Parking Brake and Brake Fluid Warning Light 
C15 – Parking Brake and Brake Fluid Warning Light 
C16 – Fuel Filter Warning Light (Diesel Vehicles only)

D1 – Electronic Stability Program Indicator 
D2 – Electric Power Steering Warning Light 
D3 – Electronic Power Steering Warning Light 
D4 – Electronic Parking Brake Malfunction Indicator 
D5 – Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light 
D6 – Engine Oil Level Warning Light 
D7 – Door Ajar Warning Light 
D8 – Door Ajar Warning Light  

D9 – Door Ajar Warning Light 
D10 – Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light 
D11 – Charging System Warning Light 
D12 – Airbag Warning Light 

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If your Kia dashboard is telling you that your vehicle needs maintenance ASAP, contact a member of the Friendly Kia service team. We can help get your vehicle running like new in no time. Head over to our online scheduling page to book an appointment with our team today.