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Throwback Thursday: Kia Concord

Kia Concord Model History and Photos 

If Kia’s brand history could be summed up by a single term, it would be “late bloomer.” For many years, the South Korean company built vehicles that were the dictionary definition of meh. Recently coming into their own as a design and engineering powerhouse, Kia’s new models probably would just like to forget entirely about the old ones as Holly Golightly did Lula May Barnes. 

Our Throwback Thursday/Flashback Friday segment exists to show off just how far the brand has come and today we’re looking at a Kia model that perfectly exemplifies the drab and lackluster designs and engineering of Kia in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  

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Today, we’re looking at the Kia Concord 

Kia Concord Model History 

As a Spring arrival, the Kia Concord made its debut in April of 1987. A remixed version of the 1982 Mazda Capella (built under license), the Kia Concord entered the midsize segment as an underwhelming sedan on a six-year-old platform. 

Imagine a manufacturer now re-introducing a 2014 model-year vehicle as a brand-new one for 2020. 

Looking at the specs and engineering of the Kia Concord, it’s important to remember that Kia’s mission back then was to be the least expensive option. Looking through this lens, it’s easier to understand the engine options which capped out at 109 horsepower. 

As the Concord continued to sell throughout the late 1980s, it picked up additional powertrain options to better compete with the Hyundai Sonata. The 1992 model year saw a boost in horsepower to 137, thanks to a dual-cam 2.0L engine. 

A lower-end model was produced alongside the Kia Concord. Called the Kia Capital, this smaller model continued to sell past the Kia Concord’s final year of 1995 when it replaced by the Kia Credos. 

Kia Concord Photos 

We’ve done the work and dove into Instagram to find some #Kiaspiration photos of the Kia Concord. Check them out! 

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What Can We Learn from the Kia Concord? 

The Kia Concord is valuable because it shows us just how far Kia used to go to make their vehicles affordable. While Kia still often has the most affordable vehicles in their segments, they’re now focused on delivering value in the form of features, benefits and style which old Kia would have never had the resources to cultivate. 

If you are obsessed with the Kia Concord, many models are now beyond the 25-year moratorium for imports and you can probably snag one from its original Korean market. 

If there’s a Kia model you’d like to see in the future or to test-drive the 2019 Kia Optima – the modern face of Kia’s midsize offerings – contact us today! 

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