Kia Cadenza vs Pizza vs Tony Danza vs George Costanza Credenza

Kia Cadenza Beats Pizza in the Battle of the -Zas

Kia Cadenza vs. Tony Danza vs. George Costanza vs. Pizza

Lead singers for bands put it best when they ask the crowd, “are you ready to rock?”  Why do we say this?  Because the Kia Cadenza is a bad mama-jama, and it rocks, and we’ve stated before it’s the best thing to hit the “ends with -za” world since pizza.  But the real question is, does it beat pizza?

Let’s take a closer look at the 2015 Kia Cadenza.  It recently won Autopacific’s Ideal Vehicle Award in the large car class, with winners chosen through an objective survey that gauged how satisfied new owners were with the Cadenza.  Plus, the Cadenza has a V6 engine with a robust 293 horsepower and a 12-speaker stereo system that is sure to please audiophiles who like the finer things in life.  The best part yet is the 2015 Kia Cadenza is available for less than $300/month through early November at Friendly Kia.

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When it comes to pizza and other things “za,”  Tony Danza of “Who’s the Boss” and “Taxi” fame is a quality “za” guy, and fictional character George Costanza from “Seinfeld” is an inspired blend of neurotic bliss.  We’ve also considered the restaurant Za and the domain name .za for South Africa, but they both are lacking that quintessential “za”-ness that makes the Kia Cadenza so special.  But no victory belt is won without cost: Much like Hulk Hogan had to fall on the mat a few times before he won his wrestling titles, the Cadenza had to face some stiff competition to see which za is the best in its class.  Consider, if you will, the battle contestants: Kia Cadenza vs. Tony Danza vs. George Costanza vs. Pizza.


We wanted to put the Kia Cadenza through its paces before the big challenges later, so we pitted it against a credenza, which is a fancy name for a cabinet or a cupboard.
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Verdict: The Cadenza wins easily, due to its more-spacious interior and more interesting features.  We’ll take a 12-speaker surround sound system and plush seats over a spot next to the sugar any day, and we’re not sorry we said it.

Round One: TV Land

Now, we’ll pit the humans against each other:
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Verdict: We love Costanza and his cynical charm, but Danza wins because he’s just a happier person.  Also, he’s actually real.

Round Two
: The Italian Job

Next, Danza goes head-to-head with another New York institution:
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Verdict: Pizza wins.  We truly enjoy Danza, from his sitcoms to his hosting gig on “The Tony Danza Show,” but come on.  Pizza is one of the most flawless items on planet Earth.  Steaming hot or lukewarm, for lunch or dinner, on land or by sea, pizza is an amazing food.

Kia Cadenza vs Tony Danza vs George Costanza vs Pizza
Final Round: “Za” Supremacy

The “Rumble in the Jungle.”  The “Thrilla in Manila.”  Now we can add this bout to those classic title fights.  Without further ado, we’ll compare pizza with the Kia Cadenza:
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Verdict: We’re all about pizza, from full-on meat to veggie versions, but the Kia Cadenza will give you a comfortable, powerful ride.  Plus, the Cadenza is simply higher on the food chain, since it provides an arena where you can eat your pizza.  While on the other hand, you probably would not enjoy a Cadenza while inside a car-sized pizza (though industrious souls might want to eat their way out).

Friendly Kia is a Vehicle Bonanza

There you have it, “The Battle of the Za’s.”  It was even more epic than we could have imagined!  At Friendly Kia, we have plenty of Kia Cadenzas, along with crossovers like the Kia Soul and sedans like the Kia Optima, among others.  So please come visit us, take a look at our available inventory, and take a model for a test ride.  Feel free to bring your dog along with you; in fact, we encourage it, as we’re a dog-friendly dealership.

Friendly Kia is located at 5819 US Highway 19 in New Port Richey, Florida, and we serve the area from Spring Hill and Trinity to the greater Tampa-St. Pete area, including Clearwater, and beyond.  Please contact us, or for more information about local events or upcoming Kia releases come back here and visit the official Friendly Kia blog.

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