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Throwback Thursday: Kia Brisa

Kia Brisa History and Images

As we’ve discussed in the past, Kia has been kind of a late bloomer when it comes to memorable automotive design. Although their most recent designs have been nothing short of extraordinary, their old models like the Amanti, Pride and even old Optima model years left a bit to be desired from a strictly-aesthetic perspective.

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Even a broken unfocused-on-design-to-produce-quality clock is right twice a day, however. Unless the hands have fallen off and the clock is just a face. Anyway, Kia managed to create a wild little vehicle back in the day in the form of the Kia Brisa.

Without an American presence, it’s hard to know just how the Brisa was received at the time. As you’ll see in the design, however, it’s also hard to imagine that it wasn’t respected for its gusto…

At least, we’d like to think that.

Kia Brisa Model History

As previously discussed in the Kia Pride history post, automotive designs were occasionally shared between manufacturers. This practice is still around today (The Mazda2, for instance, is the Toyota Yaris iM in the United States).

Manufactured from 1974 to 1981, the Kia Brisa was a variant of Mazda’s Familia compact car. Although the Kia Brisa eventually made its way back to the familia-r (see what we did there?) design of Mazda’s source material, drunk with power Kia did something the maddest scientists have only ever dreamed of with the variant first.

Depending on your eyesight and the number of evil ions in your body, the Kia Brisa either took the Familia to infernal depths, or staggering heights as you will see in the images below. We don’t want to ruin too much, but we’ll just say that they turned a compact sedan into a pickup truck.

Crud. We spoiled it. Anyway, let’s look at some photos now!

Kia Brisa Instagram Photos

As we prefaced on our last Throwback Thursday blog, Instagram’s filters are in place to catch objectionable content, but sometimes content slips through. If you decide to click through to any of the Instagram channels that are featured in this roundup, we are not liable for any amount of content you see that makes you type, through tears, “How to delete browsing history from my eyes” into Google.

Without further ado:

A post shared by Kia España (@kiaspain) on Jun 25, 2015 at 5:09am PDT

Having destroyed by time travelers, fearing a dark timeline split, very few photos or models of the original Kia Brisa survive. We’ve rounded up the ones we could find, but if you can find any others, send them our way. Check with your local post office as it may be illegal to send material like this through the mail.

Be sure to check out Throwback Thursday category on our blog for more looks back at Kia history. We will do our best to avoid the scarring that has likely occurred from this dive into history.

Questions about current Kia models, inquiries about test driving or if you have a Kia Brisa and would like to show it off, contact us today! They can’t be that bad in person, after all…



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