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Why Is My Kia Soul Beeping?

Kia Beeping Noises Explained and Fixes  

Hearing a constant beeping noise is enough to drive any person crazy. Hearing a constant beeping noise in our vehicles is an entirely different kind of insanity. When we hear beeping in our vehicles our first thought is often that something is wrong, and while this is possible, it is not always the case. If your Kia vehicle is creating a constant beep while you drive, there are few explanations that may be the root of the issue.  

We have put together and explained a list of a few Kia beeping noises and fixes to get your Kia Soul beep-free. If you can’t find the cause of your vehicle’s beeping in the list below, stop in here at the Friendly Kia service center and we’ll look over your vehicle to find out what’s causing the beeping in your Kia vehicle.  

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Here’s What Could Be Making Your Kia Beep 

Check Your Infotainment Center 

While it’s not too often that a Kia infotainment center is the cause of the beeping in your vehicle it is a possibility that we like to check first. Occasionally a Kia vehicle’s Bluetooth® system will make a beeping noise when trying to connect to your smartphone. To rule this out, completely disconnect your phone’s Bluetooth from the vehicle and wait a few minutes to allow the system to reset itself before reconnecting. The beeping should stop if this was the culprit.  

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Check Your Seat Belts 

An unbuckled seat belt is an obvious cause of beeping in your Kia Soul, but maybe you’ve put something extremely heavy on your front seat and didn’t think about it triggering the seat belt warning. Double-check that your belt is buckled along with the front passenger’s seat belt when necessary.  

Check for an Open Hood or Door 

Kia vehicles like to warn us when we’ve accidentally left a door or our hood open. Double-check that the vehicle’s hood is fully latched and that all the doors are properly closed to see if this is triggering the beeping noise.  

Keyless Entry System 

Does your vehicle have a keyless entry system? Some systems will warn you if your key fob is within a certain vicinity when your car is still running. If you have your fob in your pocket and run back inside the house while your car is running it may start beeping at you.  

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Are you still struggling to find the cause of the beeping in your Kia vehicle? If after checking out this Kia beeping noises guide you still can’t get to the bottom of the beeping your vehicle is making, come visit us here at Friendly Kia in New Port Richey, FL. You can book a service appointment with our team right on our site.