Infotainment screen in 2020 Kia Stinger

How to Connect Your iPhone 11 to your Kia

Kia Apple iPhone 11 Connection Instructions 

Getting your iPhone 11 hooked up to your Kia might be one of the first things on your to-do list when you get a new Kia vehicle. Thankfully, turning your vehicle’s infotainment screen into a mirror image of your iPhone 11 is easy thanks to Apple CarPlay®. Simply follow these Apple iPhone 11 connection instructions to get your phone hooked up to your new Kia.  

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How to Set Up Apple CarPlay® 

Closeup of infotainment screen in 2020 Kia Forte
  • Press on the “Setup” button on the vehicle’s infotainment screen
  • Press “Phone Projection Settings” 
  • Activate Apple CarPlay®
  • Connect your iPhone 11 to the vehicle’s USB port using a Lightning Cable 
  • Accept any prompts displayed on the iPhone screen  

What Can I Use Apple CarPlay® for in a Kia? 

Apple CarPlay® turns your Kia vehicle’s infotainment screen into what is essentially a smartphone. By projecting your iPhone 11’s screen onto the vehicle’s touchscreen you are able to interact with a wide range of applications you have installed on your iPhone. While behind the wheel you will have access to applications like Google Maps, Waze, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Messages, Calendar, Phone, and more.  

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Do you have questions about what your Kia and iPhone 11 can do together? Contact our team at Friendly Kia for additional help with connecting your phone to your new Kia.