Green 2021 Kia Soul driving through dust

How Tall is the Kia Soul Cabin?

Is the Kia Soul Good for Tall Drivers? 

The boxy and fun-to-drive 2021 Kia Soul appeals to the masses thanks to its unique style on the road. Just like Mary Poppins’ bag, this Kia crossover offers more space than looks would suggest. Many shoppers looking at this Kia wonder if the Kia Soul is a good fit for tall drivers and if drivers of all heights and sizes will be able to ride comfortably.  

Our team at Friendly Kia loves the Kia Soul and we think it’s a great match for both short and tall drivers. get a look at what makes the Soul a perfect fit for any driver below.  

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How Much Headroom Do Drivers Have in the Kia Soul? 

The 2021 Kia Soul is a great fit for tall drivers thanks to its ample headspace and generous legroom. Most tall drivers find themselves cramped inside smaller vehicles, but the boxy Kia Soul offers the perfect amount of space.  

When seated in the driver’s seat individuals will enjoy 39.4 inches of headroom and 41.1 inches of legroom. The adjustable driver’s seat lets drivers personalize their experience in the Kia Soul and allows them to find their most comfortable seating position.  

Interior view of 2021 Kia Soul
Interior view of 2021 Kia Soul

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Test Drive a Kia Soul at Friendly Kia 

Are you a tall driver who often finds that small vehicles don’t offer enough space for you? Come out to Friendly Kia and test drive a new 2021 Kia Soul and see how this Kia crossover offers the perfect amount of space for tall drivers.