Black and grey promotional photo of upcoming Kia Motors EV lineup

Kia Motors Moves to Become Leader Among EV Brands

Is Kia an Electric Vehicle Brand? 

Many auto brands these days are making the shift towards hybrid and electric offerings. As more and more drivers seek out eco-minded vehicles and hybrid alternatives, automakers are working to meet the demands. One brand that has continued to offer hybrid variants over the years is Kia and now the brand is making moves towards becoming a leading EV brand.  

Kia Motors has released details on its future plans to offer a full range of Battery Electric Vehicles. If you’ve been wondering if Kia is an electric vehicle brand, now you can say that in a sense it is. What’s on the horizon, though, for future electric Kia vehicles? Find out below.  

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Kia Announces Expanded Electric Vehicle Lineup 

Kia Motors representative in front of Black and grey promotional photo of upcoming Kia Motors EV lineup

As Kia fans already know, the Kia brand currently offers a range of electric and hybrid vehicles in its mix. The brand’s first mass-produced Battery Electric Vehicle hit the scene in 2011 and Kia has been making waves in the electric scene ever since.  

Now, Kia has revealed details on its goal to expand its electric vehicle lineup and take on a leadership position within the global EV market. Kia plans to partner with existing EV charging companies to help make this goal a reality.  

Kia Motors Electric Vehicle Plan S Goals 

  • Have Battery Electric Vehicles account for 25% of worldwide Kia sales by 2029 
  • Expand the BEV lineup to 11 models by 2025 
  • Have BEVs account for 20% of total Kia sales in North America 
  • Launch the seven announced BEVs by 2027 
  • Reveal the Kia CV in 2021 

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