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Can I Tint My Kia Windows at Home?

How to Tint Your Car’s Windows Yourself 

Social distancing and self-isolation are bringing out the DIY in everyone. From at-home haircuts to questionable home renovations, everyone seems to be looking for a way to pass the time. Instead of leaving yourself with a haircut that will make you want to hide from every mirror in sight, why not do something you’ve been wanting to do for a while now, like tinting your windows? Tinting your vehicle’s windows can completely transform the look and feel of your vehicle. 

Okay, so maybe there are some more exciting things to do than tint your windows, but we still think doing it can be fun and it’s something you can easily do at home. Check out the steps below to give your Kia vehicle a whole new look. 

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Steps for DIY Window Tinting at Home 

To get started on your window tinting DIY project you will, of course, need window film. This tinted film is pretty easy to get your hands on through online ordering with sites like Amazon or at your local automotive store.  If you are shopping with a local automotive store, we recommend using a curbside pickup option if available to help maintain proper social distancing during this time. 

In addition to the tint, you’ll need a variety of tools including items like a squeegee, window cleaner, a stainless steel Olfa blade, sharpie, dish scrubbing pad, a hard card (a debit card will do), microfiber cloths, and other scrapers. Most automotive stores and department stores like Walmart sell basic tint tool kits for an affordable price that will supply you with everything you need. 

For the full steps on how to get your Kia vehicle’s windows tinted at home, check out the included video below, courtesy of RPFilms on YouTube.  

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Friendly Kia Offers Encouragement During Social Distancing 

Take advantage of your time at home by crossing a few things off of your to-do list or your maybe-some-day list. If you’ve been wanting to tint your Kia vehicle’s windows, follow these steps to get it done yourself. If you have any questions about the tinting process or how to do it, contact a member of the Friendly Kia team today.  

Do you want a tutorial on any other DIY automotive projects or repairs? Let us know below! 

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